Problem: Keeping a laptop's information private on the road.

Solution: Hackers can easily monitor a public Wi-Fi connection, which means using a hot spot can be unsafe. Even wired connections in hotel rooms may be vulnerable. To protect your laptop's data, subscribe to a service that encrypts the information sent over the Internet by creating a virtual private network, or VPN. AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield ( is a free download that employs VPN technology to prevent others from viewing email, instant messages or credit-card information. The ad-supported service works with Windows and Mac computers. With, you can create a safe "tunnel" between a computer and the site's server. There's nothing to download; the service is set up through your built-in network connections interface (Windows or Mac), using a password. The ad-free subscription costs $6.95 a month or $69.95 a year. HotSpotVPN ( offers several levels of security and starts at $8.88 a month, or $3.88 for a day pass. It supports Windows and Mac PCs, as well as iPhones and other mobile devices.

Caveat: HotSpot Shield, HotSpotvpn and Publicvpn work with both wired and wireless Internet connections. But other VPN services may work only with wireless.
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