Everyone should understand this beautiful universe in the setting of Belief in the Cohesion of Allah. Our holy prophet is the one and his message is simple and unique. People were created to worship God alone. The God of Islam is a Loving Beloved God and a Compassionate God. A God who showers those who adhere to His way in life with love, close relationship with whom is based on submission, remembrance, yearning, and polishing of the heart.
God does not need our admirations and prayer. He is the Creator of the paradise and the earth, the Sovereign, and the Sustainer of everything in the whole universe. Certainly some people retention Him on a lonely planet in an endless huge expanse of space filled with thousands of galaxies is not going to advantages Him in any way, nor will it enhance His Kingdom even by an atom’s weight. Our Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy of Allah be upon him, narrates the following on behalf of Allah. Not only pray but also you can perform umrah along with Islamic Umrah Pilgrimage Services and this is also good way to remember of Allah.
Allah has arranged His remembrance and other acts of worship for our own advantage. All forms of commemoration and prayer, help to repeat us of God and keep us always watchful of Him. And this awareness of God, holds us from sinning, obligating injustices and domination, and inspires us to fulfill His rights and the rights of formation. And hence by following the ways laid out for us by Allah, we are actually doing ourselves a favor, as this is the easily possible course of action that we can take in any matter and to know that you are doing the right thing leads to serenity, concord, and contentment. You can also perform many other Islamic acts like umrah by Pilgrimage service from London. This is also good way to spend their life.
As human being is prone to laziness and injustice, not having any set ways to recall or pray God, would make us neglectful and sink us deeper and profounder into transgression as well as darkness pending we would forget about Allah completely, and our roles and errands in life.

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