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Let’s suppose that you have finally closed down your swimming pool for winter. But this does not mean that your responsibility has ended. Throughout the rest of the fall and into the start of the winter, you need to keep leaves and other debris off of the pool cover and here’s the guide to do that.

Clear away leaves

The first step is to get rid of tree leaves at your backyard. As we stated above, this is something you need to keep doing, even in the off season. That’s why it’s important to invest in a safety cover. It can keep acorns, twigs, and animals dropping from polluting your pool water. Just be sure to find and patch up any holes or leaks you see. If they get bigger, then they will put the entire pool cover in jeopardy and you have to replace it sooner than you will expect to do so.

Leave water inside

On the surface, it sounds counter productive to leave some water inside the pool. After all, the water could freeze and leave behind physical damage and other problems commonly associated with winter weather conditions. Plus, having some water can help hold the cover upright if it's weighed down by snow and ice.

Check the tension level

According to best pool builders in Phoenix Az, swimming pool owners should verify the pool cover’s tension level. It means you have to inspect the springs and straps that help hold the cover in place. If they aren’t under the same amount of pressure all around, then something is wrong. To know they’re at the right tension level, they should be halfway extended. Later on, read just the straps to help ensure that nothing can fall into your pool water through a small gap.

Mark pool cover position

It doesn’t happen often but you can experience a blizzard in your area. Heavy snowfall is terrible news for your swimming pool. That’s because if your pool is impossible to see, then someone might be your family member could fall into it and hurt themselves. Snow poles and lawn stakes can help you indicate where the perimeter of the pool is. Even so, ensure that these markers are tall enough to be seen over the piles of precipitation.

If you still need any help regarding winter pool safety get in touch with leading pool repair and maintenance service providers in Phoenix.

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