There are lot of things about daylight burglaries, murders, assaults, that you get to read in the newspapers, or online on various top news sites like ABCNews, CBS News,, etc. Most of the TV channels also blurt out the same information, that sounds unpleasant but after sometimes we just forget it and start doing things that we often do, i.e switching on our favorite sports channel, and seeing our top basketball players dueling out in the field; or feasting on our favorite prime time operas. Young and Restless, General Hospital, are a couple of shows whose ratings never drop and their fan base keeps on getting bigger and bigger by the day.

In the heat of things we ignore the most crucial fact of life, which is our safety. I am not saying that there is a civil war that is being waged here or there is some army of aliens who is out to kill us. The fact is that keeping ourselves safe from incidents such as assaults, attacks, thefts, burglaries etc. is as much crucial for us the same way we keep our vacuum cleaners, our air conditioners, or our dishwashers safe by servicing/cleaning them regularly.

We are so lazy when it comes to protecting our money, our personal property!

There are so many different types of threats or violence that we face in our lives. We sustain serious material / financial losses and even get badly injured. But, the truth is that after some time we just don't remember what had happened with us. We are so lazy when it comes to protecting our money, our personal property like gadgets, or furniture from being stolen by somebody, that we do not even want to talk about it.

A small thing like a pen knife or a folding knife can do the trick.

Self defense and self defense products are topics that we don't discuss all to often. The result is that when we are assaulted or are robbed, we have got nothing with which to defend ourselves. This is when a small thing like a pen knife or a folding knife can do the trick. A folding knife or a pepper pen can do that which even a .22 revolver cannot. A Pepper Pen can unleash a powerful stream of intensely hot OC Pepper Spray in to an attacker's face and can scare away the life out of the assailant. Better still this spray will just blind the attacker. That means you get the chance to run away from the place and or can call for help. So, a tiny Pepper Pen becomes a weapon of defense at the time when you are in a desperate need for it. Keeping a folding knife or a Pepper Pen in your trouser pockets keeps you safe and protected.

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