How to keep your relationship strong and happy is dependent on both of you. And some practical tips to keep married couple’s life blissful and happy are gathered to help couples achieve this.

Is your honeymoon stage over? Is your romance with your spouse had gone along with the adolescence of your first born? How do you make up for a relationship that seems to die down along with the constant quarrel and bout with your spouse? Can you still keep the fire burning in a relationship after years of being together?

They say marriage is only sweeter during the early stage of marriage—that would be 5 years warranty of happy and blissful life. After that, the rest is not guaranteed anymore. While others say this same view, others would surely oppose and react to this. Of course married life varies and the way couple keeps the relationship strong and bonded is dependent on spouses. How do they keep the fire burning in their relationship? Here are a few tips.

Other couples misinterpret communication with nagging that’s why they wonder how come they have done their best to communicate yet their relationship still fails. Communication is a two way process. When someone talks, the other one should listen. The wife mostly failed in this area, instead of talking in a nice manner so that their point will be understood by their spouse they resort to nagging. The husband is to blame also, instead of listening-- they lack attention to their wife. And when they start talking they wanted their wife to listen intently. To keep the relationship strong and bonded, respect must always be present. Because if you respect your spouse, you would try everything to keep your words in its proper timing. You do not hurl bad words and you would also listen to his side of opinion. Words of love and optimism must always be in your talk because it brings positive input to your relationship. Instead of starting the sentence with a problem, start it with an opinion for solution for the problem. In that way you spark the interest of your spouse with positive attention.

Have romantic time alone together
It’s never too old to have a date with your spouse. Always take an effort to show to your wife that you are grateful for the day you married her. Give your anniversary something special to rekindle your love with each other. Fit both your schedule once every month where both of you can have time alone together free from home hassles.

Always remember the feeling you felt during your marriage vow
Remembering the time when both of you vowed to love each other will have your memory rekindle the love you had. Sometimes when you are filled with domestic problem and responsibilities your mind is pre-occupied with nothing but these issues. And you forgot how happy you were back then during your first year of marriage.

It takes two to tango to make the marriage work. And if you have the better pair of dancing feet, try to teach and carry your partner to make your dance longer and a blissful union.

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