As a business or as a public site, you cannot control the number of users accessing your website for malicious or detrimental comments, or sometimes stealing certain images and information, or at worst, trying to infect your site. To prevent this from happening, you can install a firewall equipped with a proxy server. 


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Proxy servers are applications that run on firewalls in order to redirect Internet access to your network. The firewall could either be �dual-homed� or �single-homed� host depending on whether the machine has one network or two network cards. The proxy server is utilized to allow access to the Net from insider the protected network through either the single or dual-homed host firewall. The proxy server thus allows users through the internal connection to browse the web while leaving the firewall directly vulnerable to the attacks from the Internet. In effect, the proxy server displays its proxy server address instead of yours and that is what is reflected in the site you wish to access. But because the proxy server came with the firewall, what the site is actually seeing is that it is communicating with the firewall. This is especially advantageous when you are accessing FTP sites that do double-reverse checks to ensure that the request is coming from the right address, which in turn is searched in the DNS records. If there are inconsistencies, then the request is denied. You should then check your DNS set up. The proxy server will reduce the configured DNS entries required as you will only need the proxy server address instead of all the computers in the network. 


Since the firewall functions as an administrator, the proxy server attached to the firewall can log the different Internet activities that are happening, allowing you to see who is accessing a particular site, including all incoming requests to your network. 


While both firewalls and proxy servers are security tools, firewalls also provide anti-virus and anti-spyware functions. Proxy servers, on the other hand, are multi-functional. But because proxies redirect access by acting as a �stand-in�, the security it offers is stronger than the firewall. So, a combination of a firewall and a proxy server is the best security solution to acquire. The proxy server offers an array of proxy server services which combines the best packages and solutions to the user's different needs and requirements. It provides both free services and those for subscriptions as well as informative materials to help you understand and analyze what you really need.

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