In human body bones are vital part of body. As basic structure of human body rests on the

framework of approximately 206 bones. Therefore keeping these bones strong and healthy is very

important for preventing postural disabilities , joint damage and other disabilities regarding body

structure. According to ayurveda bones are an active and changing physical constituent. Usually we

don’t come to notice the natural process of formation of new bones in place of older one. But due to

the advancing of the age the removal of old bones starts to exceed the formation or you can say

replacement of the new bones. This condition in modern days known as osteoporosis.

Earlier it was believed that osteoporosis happens only with older age women who are past their

menopausal phase. But today it has found that there are number of patients both male and female

who are suffering from weaker bones. Therefore osteoporosis makes bones porous with low and

less mass and boney tissue leading to their fragility.

According to modern scientists osteoporosis happen due to lack of hormones oestrogen in women

and lack of androgen in males. The main reasons for bones becoming is long-term immobility,

smoking, drinking and taking low levels of dietary calcium. Some other conditions that affect the

absorption of the essential nutrients such as the inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease,

long-term use of steroids, thyroid disorder and autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis are

main cause of osteoporosis.
When your bones become weak the symptoms that one can feel are backache, fatigue, a poor

posture and occasional fracture start appearing. Osteoporosis don’t affect the whole skeleton at an

equal degree. Though fractures in the spine, hip, fracture on upper and lower limbs etc. are quite

common in osteoporosis.

For building health and strong bones its very essential to intake dietary calcium and other nutrients,

therefore Vitamin D which helps in absorbing calcium and phosphorus is very essential for our body

for making our bones strong and healthy. Though this vitamin is available in milk, fish liver oil and

egg yolk. On the other hand you can gain maximum vitamin D to normal exposure to sun. As due to

or changing lifestyle of avoiding exposure to sun is main ........Read More

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