Creating and operating a business is an incredibly unique challenge. For many entrepreneurs, there isn’t a lot of exposure to material to help you deal with the stress and the struggle that are inherent in the process. Most of your lives you are exposed to great information on how to be a good student, employee, etc. While this information is obviously valuable, not all of it is particularly helpful. Things that make great employees and great students are often very different than what makes great business owners. As a result, many entrepreneurs can end up feeling incredibly lonely in their journeys. 

I opened up Vulpine Marketing in 2020, a web design company in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Now I have the wonderful opportunity to help companies like Benton & Benton by creating beautiful websites. During the process there have been some incredible moments but I’ve certainly had to find ways to deal with the unique challenges I was facing that I felt incredibly unprepared for. While the journey has had it’s difficulties, I have found ways to more healthily respond to the pressures of entrepreneurship.

Make Goals to Motivate You

Making the jump into business ownership and entrepreneurship isn’t an easy one to make. Don’t make it to just super small goals that don’t mean anything to you. Set goals to push yourself and don’t be okay with not hitting them. I’m not saying be hard on yourself, that’s super easy to do. But set goals that mean something to you, that get you excited to be doing what you’re doing. It’s important to keep those goals in front of you regularly, put a post note with the goal where you will see it, remember it and consider it. It makes it much easier when you get into the office to say think to yourself, “what can I do to get to [insert your goal here]?”

Remember Why You Started

Find things that motivate you outside of just money. I’m not saying that money isn’t important. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be a motivation. I am just saying that you have to find greater purpose than just to make a few more bucks. Think of your family and your loved ones that you will be able to help. Think of the opportunities that you will be able to provide people by creating jobs and helping to build great wealth. Think of the clients, customers, patients, etc. that you’ll be able to bless by being great at what you do. 

These are the things that should help motivate you to do and be your best. If you do these, money will be a pleasant bonus on top of all of those things. 

Surround Yourself with Great People

Your struggles are unique. Many of your family members and friends will not be able to relate with what you are going through. You’ll express your concerns and they won’t really be able be empathetic at all to your situation. There are people out there who get what you’re going through. They will be able to understand you in a way that your former circles won’t be able to. Find those people, join those groups, clubs and organizations. Rub shoulders with people who think big and you’ll find yourself doing the same. These people will be able to give you advice and direction that will help you. 

Form a Relationship with a Higher Power

Being raised a Christian, prayer has always been an incredibly important part of my life. It continues to be as a business owner and has been the source of great peace. It’s an opportunity to commune with the divine, clear my head, calm my troubled heart and give me a greater sense of purpose and power. I don’t know what your beliefs are in God but if you have any of them, I’d recommend tapping into that belief and benefitting from doing so. 

Author's Bio: 

Xadia Cashif is a motivational writer and speaker along with having some successful websites.