The Nines is a fashion site that puts a twist on the classic celeb fashion tracker, with a team of stylists keeping a pulse on outfits that stars are wearing and, in turn, recommending more affordable versions accessible to the average shopper.
The Nines is no average fashion site. They slice and dice your favorite outfits and can help you find that sweater from your favorite TV show, a trendy workout outfit or an expert who works directly with Kendall Jenner.

Founder Zack Gallinger had his ‘aha’ moment after seeing success with a previous site, Baller Shoes DB, the world’s authoritative source for basketball fans and shoe aficionados to discover what shoes their favorite basketball players are wearing on the court.

Zack says, “We saw a gap in the way fashion trends make their way to consumers. Celebrity magazines and blogs share countless outfits and styles worn by celebrities, but in most cases, the latest star-studded looks are far too expensive and out of reach for the regular shopper.”

He continues, “The Nines is a portal that blends fashion, celebrity and data into one fun experience, by showing consumers what their favorite celebs are wearing, and then designing a much more affordable, but no less glamorous version of that look, putting high fashion at the fingertips of everyday fashionistas.”

The Nines’ offers a huge database of celebrity looks, paired with their creative way of showing consumers every facet of an outfit, from the pieces, to the designers, the celebrities, or the glam squad that designed it, making it the ideal platform for anyone looking to build out their closet for every season.

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