Undoubtedly, Kerala is known to be ‘God's Own Country’, yet there are atheist tourists who embark on a Kerala tour just to be amidst envious natural beauty. It is beyond any doubt true that Kerala is a place that gives you one of the most spectacular experiences in terms of Indian tourism.

Taking into consideration the hill stations of Kerala, it seems a bit astonishing, however it is true that they exhibit more exuberance compared to their counterparts, the ones in the North India.

Let us take one by one. Munnar is one of them, which located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level. As its beautiful strategic location suggests, it was the summer resort of the erstwhile British government during the times when Indian was its subject. With sprawling tea plantations, winding lanes, breathtaking scenarios, and exceptional holiday facilities, it is one of the most influential hill stations in the context of Kerala. What’s more, as it is fully loaded with popular resorts, it makes it more worthwhile for the tourists.

Kerala is not only confined to peaceful and secluded destinations as it carries the potential to enthrall those with commercial angle. Kottayam is one of those hubs in the vicinities of Kerala, known for enthralling the tourists with commercial bent of mind. As it offers tranquil palm-lined backwaters on the west and the Western Ghats on the east, it represents the best mountainous regions of Kerala. It also provides some of Kerala's finest natural scenes with breathtaking views.

Thenmala is another place to get enthralled in terms of beautiful hill station. As it means ‘honey hill’ in the local language, which is Malayalam, it has obviously an interesting meaning. It is largely believed that the honey especially procured from this part of Kerala is of exceptionally high quality owing to its unique biological settings.

Taking into consideration the other hill station, Nilambur, we find that its unparalleled beauty is enhanced with the help of old teak plantation. As the place is highly recognized for its tribal settlements, it is the world's first Teak Museum with vast rain forests and magnificent waterfalls make it even more worthwhile and significant in terms exquisite hill station tourism.

It is a fact that Kerala reigns supreme on the world tourist destination charts. It is indeed one of the most happening cities in the Indian context. It is indeed one of the most beautiful parts as far as Indian tourism is concerned. Those embarking on the Kerala tour are bound to enjoy its every bit.

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