India is a country which has unity among diversity. The country is divided into many states and union territories and people speak various kinds of languages, wear different dresses, follow different religious beliefs and eat different food items. There is one common thing among all the Indians that they are citizens of India. Each of the citizens wants to get aware about what are the latest events happening in various parts of the country. People residing in Kerala state will be interested to know about various aspects of Kerala news so that they remain updated. People from West Bengal would like to know West Bengal News and the people residing in Uttar Pradesh would take interest in the UP news. There are many national channels which telecast the news from all parts of the country but these news are not very detailed ones unless and until they affect the national issues.

A large number of people reside in Uttar Pradesh. The people speak Hindi and Urdu mostly in this state. Politics and tourism are two important aspects of this state and the media houses like news papers, TV channels and news magazines present UP news covering the details of other spheres of the state along with the main ones. Most of the people in West Bengal speak Bengali language so for them delivering the West Bengal news in Bengali will serve the purpose. By doing so the news will reach to event the most backward part of the state through radio and people could understand the importance of the news. There are many news papers which are published in English and still they cover the news from UP, West Bengal, Bihar or Kerala news.

There are many Websites which provide news from across the India. With the increase demand to have the regional news in the regional language, these portals have started presenting the news in local languages such as the UP news in Hindi, the Punjab news in Punjabi, the Orissa news in Oriya, West Bengal news in Bengali , Kerala news in Malayalam etc. One can get the news and also the video clippings of the events happening. People are mainly interested to know the news about politics, sports, education and entertainment. Out of the various types of news people are crazy about the sports and entertainment news so media houses try to provides these types of news in the regional language to have strong audience base.

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