Ketu is wisdom, Ketu is your legs, Ketu is sacrifice.

If your wisdom is the reason for your loss or downfall- Ketu is Bad.

If you have unidentified pain in the legs and it affects your progress- Ketu is Bad.

If your sacrifice has resulted in your loss or downfall- Ketu is Bad.

One of the distinct features of bad Ketu is that the person tries hard to have Mass followers and he never succeeds in that- Be it work, family, or society.

Generally, Ketu remains dormant except the Dasa period of 7 years during which Ketu gives its full result. In palmistry central area of palm is connected to Ketu mostly. If it is bowl type, Ketu gives trouble in money matters. If it is infested with horizontal cross lines, one will get problems in the upward elevation of the carrier. It is told that, if Ketu is good, one can get hidden treasure i.e. unexpected gain-materially and/or spiritually, an indicator of deep research. If it is bad one will get unexpected adversity from a hidden enemy or a decease mysteriously could not be diagnosed by doctors. Since Ketu gives results of past lives, there is almost no remedy except spirituality i.e. grace of God.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.