The following are general and complete predictions as per vedic astrology when Ketu is in 10th house:

Loss to position by deception and adverse public conditions
Accidents from conveyance
Against father
Let me explain you more clearly as per my practical observation. Ketu is your past life's victory. Where ever ketu sits, Ketu gives you that effortlessly.

For example if Ketu is in your 5th house you would be blessed with too many children effortlessly even though you might have problem with your first or second kid. Finally you may feel like detached from all your children, but still remember you can have too many kids.

If ketu is in your 10th house you will get too many jobs even though you might have problems with your first or second job.

Offcourse ketu has some spiritual attributes, so you almost feel detached or isolated from your workplace. But still you get too many jobs.

Ketu sits in a place where you already achieved so much in all your past births. So in the current life you get it very easily and effortlessly. But finally you will feel detached from it. Even though you feel detached from it, it will travel with you only.

These are the most practical observations. For more accurate predictions we need to check the condition of your 10th house lord.

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