Because of the advancements in technology, the process of learning new things have also been made easier and more accessible. Gone are the days when you would have to go to a physical classroom just to take classes. For many of you who might already be professionals who would like to learn a new skill yet do not have extra time, resorting to other more time-feasible and more flexible avenues will be more beneficial.

One way is to learn through online courses. If you are in the graphics or multimedia industry, it would be advantageous to learn new things and further develop your skills by learning how to create visual effects. For example, FMC Training provides online courses for learning Adobe After Effects, similar to other institutions that may provide you with an e-learning setup. That said, here are some of the benefits that you can gain from taking courses online:

1. You Get To Enjoy Learning With More Flexibility

One of the most apparent advantages that you can gain out of taking online courses is that doing so allows you to enjoy learning with more flexibility. For instance, you currently hold a full-time day job. Hence, learning in a university is almost close to impossible. When you choose to enhance your knowledge of visual effects through online courses, you are giving yourself more flexibility with your time and freedom. You can achieve your goal of learning more academically while, at the same time, not sacrificing the time you have for your hobbies or your family.

2. You Will Usually Be Paying For Lesser Costs

When you take online courses, there are miscellaneous expenses that you will no longer have to pay for, such as electricity and utilities in the classroom, and the like. You are basically only paying for the course and the lecturer’s fees as a package. With this, it is mostly the case that online courses end up to be cheaper than that of studying at a university. Keep in mind that learning about visual effects is already costly in itself, as you will also need the right gear and equipment for it. If you can save up on your learning expense by taking an online course instead, then why not?

3. You, Will, Get To Enjoy A More Comfortable Learning Environment

When you choose to take up an online course, chances are, you are actually learning your course and studying right in the comfort of your home. Or if you have a visual or media studio, it might also be there where you are most comfortable learning. For one, your equipment and gadgets are in your studio, and it would be very inconvenient for you to have to pack your stuff up and bring them all to your classes. With online courses, you can immediately have practical sessions on visual effects right at your most comfortable learning environment.

4. You Will Learn About Self-Discipline, Too

While it is true that taking online courses offer you so much freedom, it also cannot be denied that you have to be responsible enough to manage your time wisely. In a traditional classroom setting, you have a fixed schedule that you have no other choice but to comply with. If you are absent during these classes, you miss out on essential lessons or practical activities about visual effects. When you take classes online, however, you are responsible for your own time. You have to practice self-discipline and strategic planning, such that you allocate time each day to go through your lessons so that you can accomplish what is in your module. Otherwise, you will still fail.

As you take your online course, you do not only learn about the ABCs of visual effects, but you also develop traits that are essential for you to be better in your field of work. For instance, because you are responsible for your own time, you learn about managing your time well, such that you can meet deadlines on time, if not earlier. This trait is needed for you to become successful, too, in your profession.


Whatever challenge it is that might be hampering you from going to a physical classroom, you now have a better solution, which is in the form of taking lessons through online courses. Just because you do not have the physical ability to go to a classroom doesn’t mean that you should skip learning altogether. As visual effects have a lot to do with the digital world, it is but fitting, too, that the lessons are through online courses.

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Alex is a professional writer and digital marketing expert.