An agency nurse is a traveling nurse who typically works 13-week assignments in various hospitals around the country. Agency nurses fill in the gaps when hospitals are short-staffed, and they often work in multiple units during their time at a facility.

Agency nursing is a great way to see different parts of the country and to gain experience in a variety of hospital settings. It’s also a flexible way to earn a living, as agency nurses can pick and choose which assignments they want to take.

One of the key benefits of being an agency nurse is the ability to earn a higher hourly rate than staff nurses. Agency nurses are in high demand, so hospitals are willing to pay more for their services. Additionally, agency nurses often receive bonuses and per diem pay, which can add up to substantial earnings over the course of an assignment. You can apply to a Nursing Agency to start your career as an nurse.

Higher pay rates

The nursing profession is one that is in high demand, especially in the agency setting. This means that nurses can command higher pay rates for their services. In addition to the potential for higher earnings, agency nurses also enjoy a number of other benefits.
Agency nursing can be a great way to boost your income and gain valuable experience. It is important to do your research and choose an agency that is reputable and offers competitive pay rates.

More flexible hours

There are many key benefits to being an agency nurse, one of which is the ability to have more flexible hours. This can be a great option for nurses who want to have a more consistent work schedule or who want to be able to pick up extra shifts when they are available. Agency nursing can also be a good way to get experience in different types of healthcare settings and to build up your resume.

The ability to choose your own assignments

One of the key benefits of being an agency nurse is the ability to choose your own assignments. This means that you can pick and choose the types of nursing environments and patients you work with, based on your own preferences and interests. For example, if you are particularly interested in working with elderly patients, you can choose to work in a nursing home setting. Or, if you have experience in critical care nursing, you can choose to work in a hospital setting. This flexibility allows you to tailor your career to best suit your interests and skill set.

Another benefit of working as an agency nurse is that it can provide you with a great deal of variety in your day-to-day work life.

Greater variety of work environments

Working as an agency nurse offers a greater variety of work environments than being employed by a single hospital or healthcare facility. This can be a great benefit for nurses who want to gain experience in different settings or who enjoy working in different locations.

For example, an agency nurse might work in a busy urban hospital during the day and then in a rural clinic in the evening. Or a nurse could work in an outpatient surgery center for one week and then a long-term care facility the next. This variety can keep nurses from getting bored or burned out in their careers.

In addition, working as an agency nurse can provide opportunities to try out different types of nursing before committing to a specialty. For example, a nurse who typically works in an operating room might pick up some shifts in the emergency room to see if that type of nursing is a good fit.

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