With the government’s focus on socio-economic development, there has been a remarkable increase in public sector tenders and contracts in Trinidad and Tobago. However, the new public procurement legislation has led to much confusion with regard to preparing and submitting bids and proposals. In such a scenario, a certificate in procurement management can help improve your chances of submitting compliant bids or proposals and winning government contracts.

Need for Stricter Control

While awarding public sector contracts, the government has to perform due diligence and ensure a transparent, accountable procurement process. Bidders have to showcase their qualifications, experience and competence to complete projects. These factors, among others, have contributed to the codification of local tendering procedures in the new Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act. Individuals and organizations involved in the tendering process and in the realm of obtaining government contracts need to understand the new paradigm to improve chances of winning government contracts.

Is a Diploma Course Really Necessary?

While it’s not necessary to sign up for a diploma in procurement and supply, it can definitely help in obtaining successful outcomes. Apart from learning about the basics of public procurement and intricacies of the procurement cycle, participants gain valuable insights about the requirements of Procurement notices as well as the rights and responsibilities of bidders. They learn how to independently interpret the requirements of various procurement tools such as bid documents, Public Notices, prequalification questionnaires, Requests for Proposals and Requests for Quotations.

Benefits of Enrolling

Submitting non-compliant or non-responsive bids and proposals comes with certain risks which are best avoided. Under the guidance of an experienced facilitator in a diploma in procurement and supply programme, participants can ensure they prepare and submit compliant bids and proposals. Participants can also learn about common bid preparation and submission mistakes. Participants can avail a complimentary follow-up review session within a stipulated time period of course completion for reassurance that bid/proposal documentation is compliant. With compliant bid preparation and submission, entities can have their name included in the pre-qualification database.

Practical and Interactive Training

A certificate procurement management can be of immense value if it includes practical and interactive training rendered by an experienced facilitator. The use of real-life case studies and live examples enhances the learning of participants and makes them more prepared to deal with challenges in real-life situations. A training workshop can be completed in a single day and participants are presented with a certificate in public procurement at the end of the session. Separate questionnaires are given out to assess a participant’s knowledge of subject area prior to and post-training workshop. This can greatly help participants in evaluating their competencies and knowledge growth trajectories.

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Ravi Ragoonath is an Executive Director at CTS College of Business and Computer Science Ltd. Ravi writes about education topics. To the students, he is a coach, a mentor and a friend. To his staff, he is creative, innovative and extremely positive. In this article, he is talking about the key benefits of Diploma in Procurement and Supply.