Small businesses usually rely on in-house IT teams when it comes to maintaining their systems. This is usually because the smaller companies' executives don't think they should invest more in managed IT services since the workflow isn't that high. However, if you own a smaller business, you might reconsider this option, since it can bring you several different benefits that we will discuss further in this article. A business that tends to grow will probably at some point need a more proactive IT service. The internal IT services usually can't keep up entirely with the progress of the company. Let's check the main benefits of managed IT services.

You can focus on different objectives

Generally, the term "managed services" implies outsourcing services to a third party. This can include many things, but today we are talking about IT services. We mentioned that a growing business becomes more demanding and at some point, it needs to improve and change. Your current IT team can probably deal with all the work, but they could sometimes feel overwhelmed. Also, they can give you 24/7 support, so might be lacking IT services when you need them despite your IT team giving their best. Once you hire outsourcing IT specialists, your current team will be able to focus on their main job and the maintenance and bugs will be your other team's duty.

You will obtain new expertise

Unless you have the best experts in your current IT team, they probably won't be able to solve all the recurrent issues. This can become frustrating as the workflow increases and there are backlogs from time to time. There are even cases when the whole IT support in a small company is done by only one person. This person might not be able to solve everything, so by hiring an expert team you get to include some new professionals into your team that can bring some innovations in their field of expertise, and also your current IT team can learn from them. Also, your current IT team might be stuck with so many maintenance and bug-solving issues that they just don't have time for progress. If you remove these tasks from their to-do list, they might finally advance and provide you with some innovative solutions for the future. Managed IT services are a good option because you can hire an entire team and pay a rate every month to an outsourcing company. There are no hiring and training issues, so this can be more economical.

Lower costs

Talking about economics, as we mentioned, hiring an entire team of professionals can result in lower expenses, which is excellent for your business. You don't need to train your new hires since they already know how to do their job. There are offers based on clients' needs so the cost might range between $100-$250 per month depending on your job. Good IT services give you more flexibility since your employees can work from home or any other place. This means you won't have to pay for an office in the center or similar things. This gives you more opportunities to expand the business because you spare money. Instead of spending on training, you can invest in better hardware, software or give your employees a raise.

Have 24/7 support

Although it would probably cost a little bit more, some agents can work on weekends as well. This means that you can obtain 27/4 coverage when it comes to any possible technology issue that might emerge. This is a big advantage since your current team probably has a regular shift just like anyone else and it's not available the whole time. Not only that, but managed IT services can maintain your system to prevent any issues. In this case, they pay off from the beginning. Don't forget to choose the service that offers this option and that can be available in different time zones. If something happens in the middle of the night, you're covered and the business won't suffer.

More reliability

If your clients know that you have a whole team of dedicated IT professionals ready to solve any issue, then they will most certainly have an impression of you as a reliable partner and person to trust. Professionals have everything covered, so even when someone’s absent for different reasons, there is always someone to jump in. A manager that coordinates all of your teams can be a person who can negotiate with your partners.

Better compliance

Running a business requires a lot of bureaucratic issues. You might know some of the rules and regulations, but when it comes to the law, it might be better to stick with a professional opinion and advice. If you sell something online, your clients' privacy is very important and a managed IT team can help you preserve their rights in the best possible way. Your system must be functional but not abusive, so experts in the IT area can be very helpful on this one.

Now that you know some of the major benefits of managed IT services, you might reconsider hiring this kind of team. If you thought that it was too expensive, now you know that it can be the other way around. It can save you money and effort, spare you the tedious training for new hires and long-term results can lead to many technical improvements and better sales scores.

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