This article presents all the inevitable challenges that all IT organizations face while going through the ISO 20000 certification process.

ISO 20000 is the most recognized global standard for IT service management and is used to prove the competency and efficiency of the IT service management systems (ITSMS) in organizations. However, the ISO 20000 certification process can be difficult to implement. Similar to other quality management standards, implementing ISO 20000 requires the IT organization to follow a ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ approach.

The most common challenges with ISO 20000 implementation are seen when the organization’s service management system has to go through a series of changes that may affect employees. Therefore, all potential problems must be approached seriously, and reliable solutions must be found.

Listed below are the key challenges that IT organizations face while getting ISO 20000 certified-

Lack of Technical Know-How

Whether an IT organization is large or small, lack of know-how is a prevailing issue in their road to certification. This issue can be easily overcome by seeking assistance from a quality assurance certification agency. Because of their advanced knowledge of key ISO standards, they can help organizations understand ISO 20000, its clauses, and what needs to be done to ensure certification.

Lack of Sufficient Resources

In this case, resources imply money, people, and time. A concern many IT companies face is that they know their existing ITSMS has to undergo many changes to make it compliant with ISO 20000 requirements. Therefore, certification requires a sufficient budget, time, and the combined effort of employees. While funds are required to buy software solutions, licenses, and possibly recruit software engineers to improve the existing ITSMS, employees will be needed to implement and run the modified system.

Organizations that want ISO 20000 certification should first ensure they have sufficient funds, dedicated employees, and time to work on the modification and implementation of the ITSMS.

Resistance from Employees

Some employees may resist change. They may equate change or modification in their existing IT processes with difficulty. They could be concerned that a change in the processes could cause a loss in productivity or performance because of a lack of understanding of the modified ITSMS. Therefore, it is important to eliminate employee reluctance by providing sufficient training.

With training, the management of the organization can help employees understand the benefits of the ISO 20000 certification and why the ITSMS needs improvement. The employees need to understand how a compliant and structured ITSMS will make their operations efficient, less risky, and more satisfactory for customers.

In Conclusion

These are a few challenges IT organizations may face when pursuing ISO certification. However, if they are serious about becoming ISO 20000 certified, these challenges will be insignificant. With conscious planning, support of a certification agency, and collaborative efforts within the organization, the ISO 20000 certification process will become easy and quick.

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Damon Anderson is a professional ISO 20000 certification consultant and blogger who dedicates his articles to businesses that seek certification and are in need of help. He is a consultant at a quality assurance certification agency and has assisted many organizations with their ISO certification.