With Christmas just around the corner, more and more people are looking for professional or commercial grade lighting displays. The initial cost for commercial grade lighting displays may be a bit high for many. It is still a long-term investment, from which one can be benefitted in the longer run. It might be confusing to spot the difference between commercial and professional lights; especially, when one is not familiar with the retail world of holiday marketing. The trick is to never judge a product by the way it looks from the outside.

Read on to learn more about some essential tricks that can help you while selecting the best commercial grade lights for Christmas. You might want to check https://www.advateklights.com/pixlite-16-mk2-control-board and find out about the technical specifications of professional-grade light displays.

LED Light

First things first, any professional-grade lighting display must be of good quality, which means that it should be LED. The typical standard bulbs are nothing but the embodiment of being cheap, power-consuming, old, and outdated. These are tools that were used back in the old time by our grandparents. If you want to step up your game, you will want to ensure that you purchase nothing else but LED light.

Sealed Units

Before you purchase the LED product, make sure to check out its build and structure. That being said, this is a sure way for the product to last longer and cause you less annoyance. Typically, commercial and professional-grade lights are manufactured as sealed units. Their sealed frame and built prevent moisture, dust, and other articles from entering the light bulbs while reducing the bulbs' possibility to come to lose. The right purchase will ensure that you won’t have to fret over burnt-out bulbs. Depending on the LED lights' quality, even if one of the bulbs goes out, the remaining commercial and professional-grade lights will continue to work just fine. Suppose you are looking forward to a full-fledged Christmas holiday party. In that case, you might want to purchase one of the professional-grade lights that can last for about 60 thousand hours. Astonishing, right?

What about the Size?

Just because a brand claims to offer professional-grade LED lights, it doesn’t mean that it necessarily does so. There have been instances when large LED bulbs (C9) were put on display by some brands. But, upon further inspection, it was revealed that the used LED lights were actually cheap. If this happens, then the purchased lights are less likely to last more than a few months. The used wire in these lights comprises a tinier gauge wire that contains minimum copper. This is why insufficient electrical current runs through the wires. On the contrary, good-quality commercial and professional-grade LED lights include a bigger gauge wire with a greater quantity of copper run through it.

Watch for Consistency…

You might have heard about the phrase that consistency is the key to success. You might be shocked to know that many of the LED light sellers lack consistency regarding color distribution. This is specifically true for multi-colored strands of LED lights. Watch out for consistency while selecting the best commercial and professional-grade for this Christmas season.

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