AngularJS is one of the most popular Javascript libraries for front-end development.It id developed and supported.
AngularJS is one of the most obvious Javascript libraries for front-end improvement.It is created and bolstered by Google,and it enables engineers to make fasts proficient customer side web applications.SPA is a web application that fits on a solitary page.
AngularJS builds dynamic web applications.It is a comprehensive,open-source Javascript framework that solves the problem of developing Single Page Application (SPA's) by extending the functionality of HTML with directives.
How about we dive into a portion of the key highlights of Angular JS.
These are :
1)Two Way Data-Binding
2)DOM-based templating with directives
3)Dependency Injection
4)It incorporates the basic principles behind the original MVC software design pattern.
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Next,we will highlight the best practices for AngularJS.
Contrasted with some other Javascript frameworks,AngularJS requires the engineer to get things done - the "Angular" way,which is a set of rules and best practices that are critical to building AngularJS web applications properly.
Following are some of these best practises.
We the developers spend a lot of time writing code.In the early phases of a project,the directory structure does not matter too much and many people tend to ignore best practises for writing code.
In the short term,this allows the developers to code rapidly,but in the long term,this effects code maintainability.
This structure makes it very easy for the reader to visualize.It seems to make a lot of sense and is very similar to a lot of Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern frameworks. We have a partition of concerns,controllers have their very own folder,views have their own folder,and outer libraries have their own organizer.
Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection (DI) is one of AngularJS's best programming structure patterns,for giving segments their conditions - as opposed to hard-coding them inside the parts.It makes easily testable components as well as making it clear upon which any particular object depends.AngularJS is very flexible on how things can be Injected.DI is pervasive all throught AngularJS. The most straightforward variant requires simply passing the reliance name into the capacity of the module.
The above screen capture makes it clear that 'MainCtrl' relies upon $scope and $timeout.
1) One should prefer using the dash-delimited format (e.g. ng-model for ngModel).While working an HTML validating tool,one can instead use the data-prefixed version (e.g data-ng-model for ngModel).
2) Moreover,one must favor utilizing orders by means of name and traits over remark and class names.Doing so,generally makes it simpler to figure out what orders are given component matches.
3)While creating directives,it is recommended to prefix tour own directive names to avoid collisions with the future standard.
Keep Presentation Logic Out of Controllers
It is easy for a programmer to fall into the habit of presentation manipulation of the DOM in a controller,which can be problematic in an MVC architecture.
In MVC architecure,every module is isolated into either the model,view or controller.The view is where your presentation logic is coded.The presentation is anything to do with the DOM.
On the off chance that you have to change an incentive in any HTML element,you should just utilize the introduction layer to do it.
When you perform presentation execution in the controller rather than the view,you break the separation of layers.When you or another developers goes back to maintain the code,you may miss the code in your controller that should not be there.This often leads to bugs.

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