AngularJS is one of the most prevalent JavaScript libraries for front-end improvement. It is created and upheld by Google,and it enables engineers to make quick productive customer side web applications. SPA is a web application that fits on a solitary page.AngularJS assembles dynamic web applications.It is a comprehensive,open-source JavaScript framework that solves the problem of developing Single page Application (SPAs),by extending the functionality of HTML with directives.Let's delve into some of the key features of Angular JS.
These are :
1) Two Way Data-Binding
2) DOM-based templating with directives
3) Dependency injection
4) It incorporates the basic principles behind the original MVC software design pattern.
For More itemized Information you can visit here.Next,we will feature the accepted procedures for AngularJS.
Contrasted with some other Javascript frameworks,AngularJS requires the designer to get things done - the "Angular" way,which is a lot of standards and best practices that are basic to building AngularJS web applications appropriately
Following are some of these best practices :
We the developers spend a lot of time writing code.In the early phrases of a project,the directory structure does not matter too much and many people tend to ignore best practices for writing code.In the short tem,this allows the developer to code rapidly but in the long term,this affects code maintainability.
This structure makes it simple for the peruser to visualize.It appears to bode well and is fundamentally the same as a great deal of Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern systems. We have a partition of concerns,controllers have their own folder,views have their own folder,and outside libraries have their own envelope.
Dependency Injection
Reliance infusion (DI) is one of AngularJS's best programming structure patterns,for giving segments their conditions - instead of hard-coding them inside the parts. It makes effectively testable segments just as making it unmistakable whereupon a specific item depends.AngularJS is very flexible on how things can be injected.Di is pervasive all throught AngularJS. The least complex rendition requires simply passing the reliance name into the capacity of the module.
The above screen capture makes it extremely certain that 'MainCtrl' relies upon $scope and $timeout.
1)One should prefer using the dash-delimited format (e.g ng-model for ngModel).While working with an HTML validating tool,one can instead use the data-prefixed version(e.g data-ng-model for ngModel).
2)MOreover,one must favor utilizing orders by means of label name and characteristics over comment and class names.Doing so,generally makes it easier to figure out what mandates are given component matches.
3)While creating directives,it is recommended to prefix your own directive names to avoid collisions with the future standard.
Keep Presentation Logic Out of Controllers
It's simple for a developer to fall into the propensity for introduction control of the DOM in a controller,which can be risky in a MVC engineering.
In MVC architecture,every module is disconnected into either the model,view or controller.The view is where your presentation logic is coded.The presentation is anything to do with the DOM.If you need to change a vale in any HTML element,you should only use the presentation layer to do it.
When you perform introduction execution in the controller as opposed to the view,you break the partition of layers. When you or another designer returns to keep up the code,you may miss the code in your controller that ought not be there.This regularly prompts bugs.
There are assessments with regards to testing,but make sure to pick carefully.Chrome accompanies its own engineers instruments, and numerous designers use Firefox module to test Javascript code. But AngularJS is highly modified form of Javascript.Because Google developed AngularJS,the most common (and probably the safest)tool to use is the Chrome extension ng-inspector.
This device can help you debug,review,test and decide whether you have any mistakes in your code.It monitors the extension, and you can see the component joined to the degree.
To implement web applications using the front-end application framework,you just need to have some idea of the following concepts :
1)HTML :Most of the templates we create in AngularJS is in the form of handcrafted HTML.So you must know that what are forms in HTML and what are tags ng-for etc.
2)CSS : While handcrafting template you should require CSS to make more attractive UI design.
3)DOM :DOM stands for document object model.The directives in AngularJS binds the application data to the attributes of HTML DOM elements.With a good jquery background,you can easily pick up this part.

4)Object-Oriented Javascript :Namespace is a container for a set of identifiers,methods and functions that gives a direction to the content.Javascript does not provide namespace by default. This device can help you debug,review,test and decide whether you have any mistakes in your code.It monitors the extension, and you can see the component joined to the degree.
5)Object-Oriented Javascript Inheritance :Inheritance is very important concept in Javascript.Inheritance is heavily used in all the frameworks in Javascript.AngularJS does not provide any built-in features for inheritance.But,Javascript inheritance patterns can be applied to AngularJS components.

6)Model View Whatever (MVW) :AngularJS was closer to MVC (MOdel-View-Controller) but on account of various refactoring and API improvements,it has become closer to MVVM (Model-View-View Model). MVW is utilized intensely by all AngularJS developers.It is begat by Google.It is a basic MVC idea.
7) Partition of Concern SOC) SOC idea is intensely utilized in AngularJS.In AngularJS all the controllers,directive,services and plants are made for SOC. It gives an increasingly lean and cleaner code.Also,reusability naturally increases,if you utilize the SOC idea.

8)Promises :Promises are a core feature of AngularJS.Promise is the eventual result of any operation.A promise will tell what to do the operation fails or succeeds.Promises are nothing but callback hold the response and do the needful.
Note : On the off chance that you like to learn by coding, at that point this AngularJS instructional exercise is the thing that you are searching for In this tutorial,you will find out about Angular basics,controllers,services,filters and mandates.

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