When carrying out a payment strategy in Google Ads advertising, many users do not know how to optimize or modify their campaign. This optimization is essential for a campaign to end up being profitable, but what do we understand with a profitable campaign?

It's very simple, if your benefits through ads on Google is, for example, $ 2000; and your expenses in this type of campaign has been $ 900, obviously, this campaign is considered a "SUCCESS".

To know how to analyze this data, it is very important (in addition to having your conversion code correctly placed) to know how to read the data that our panel offers us. In this way, we can guide the changes that are necessary so that our strategy is appropriate.

What metrics are essential for a beginner:

All the metrics that Google offers us in its Ads panel ( formerly known as Google Adwords ) can be of great help in relation to what type of data we are looking for. In any case, for a “ summary ” of the status of our campaigns, the following metrics cannot be missing.

1. Impressions

They are essential to verify that our ads are showing correctly.

According to the daily budget that we have established, we must have a series of impressions in accordance with these (without valuing bid strategies and others).

2. Clicks

What happens if we see that we have impressions but the clicks are too low?

It is necessary to change something in the ads or in the list of keywords that we have established.

3. CTR

The CTR marks the average value between impressions and clicks. That is, as a mathematical definition we could talk about the number of clicks that a link gets with respect to its number of impressions multiplied by 100 (to get the percentage).

4. Conversions

Of course, we cannot forget the conversions of the ads and the keywords. This way we can assess which ads are converting more or which keywords have not just worked.

We must also bear in mind that the conversion column is not necessarily the same as " all conversions ." We may have established several different conversions and only some of them are counted in the " converions " column.

5. CPC

The acronym for CPC is referred to as Cost Per Click. In this column, it is important to know the cost we are paying for each click on our ad. We can even set a maximum cost per click to not pay more than what is established in the bids for the keywords.

For example, imagine that our keyword “ buy yellow shoes ” has a CPC of $ 0.21, but we have detected that the competition pays $ 0.38 in the bidding and we, for that keyword, do not enter the first positions of Google. If we are interested in being more competent in this bid, we can increase the CPC.

6. Quality level

If we focus on outstanding columns in the keywords, we can assess the reference to the level of quality of the keywords.

A keyword with a low-quality level (with a score of 3/10 below) is likely to show much less. It would be advisable to carry out the pertinent actions to improve that level of quality if the keyword is worth it or pause it in case it is not so that it does not affect our campaign in general.

7 Middle position

We have already mentioned this column before. The average position is a very important metric to know in which average position Google is showing us.

Everyone knows that the sooner you appear, the higher the success rate. Therefore, if we see that our ad is in an average position of 5.1, we must optimize the strategy to get into the first 3 positions (if that is what we are looking for).

These are some of the general metrics that every good strategist should know like the palm of his hand, but there are many more and each more specific. We could talk hours and hours of all the options that Google Ads offers us as: interactions, conversion value/click, first place bid estimation, bid simulators, or impression percentages.

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