Maybe you’ve been dreaming about a pool construction for many years. Or you had a memorable weekend by a poolside- which just planted the seeds. Regardless of how the idea came about, there’s no denying that a swimming pool adds some serious Fun-Factor to the home.


So, before going for its construction, there are some key aspects which one needs to consider. In this post; one will learn a few crucial questions which they ought to ask with their pool builder. Follow attentively, mates!


  1. “Is My Present Yard Perfect For A Pool Construction?”


Before proceeding with a pool construction, this is the most basic question. One might think that their existing yard may have enough space for the construction to happen, it is always a good idea to ask professional pool builders.


Top-grade builders will always recommend testing the soil only to confirm the suitability of the site. Usually, sandy, rocky, expansive and other ground factors present unique construction concerns to the project. Furthermore, a high water table can perfectly increase the construction cost of the pool.


Example- Paul Bailey, recalls an incident where he uncovered a waste dump at the time excavation. All the garbage needed to be removed and the loose soil compacted. That led him to expense an extra Au$20,000.


  1. “What Shape And Style Will Be Best Suited For The Pool?”


The next piece of crucial question which one should ask their pool builder is what style and shape of the pool will be best suited to the existing space. One very well knows that it is the shape and style of the pool which complements the design and architecture of the property.


Quality swimming pool installation experts will also suggest that if the pool doesn’t match the property architecture; then finding a transition area from the house to the pool should be ideal.


The smart thing would be to call in professionals with experience to inspect and decide which size and shape of the pool best suited for the worksite.


  1. “What Special Features Can I Add In My Pool?”


Before going for a pool construction; one also needs to decide which special features will be added to the pool. The whole idea is to maximise the enjoyment of the pool. So, think of stuff one would prefer doing when not swimming.


One can opt for underwater benches, shallow beach-style entries, a swim-up bar and specific areas where all can play volley or basketball. If one is a fan of aquatic activities, then one can also think of adding some underwater railings along with a variable speed current system that helps make the flow of water to allow swimming in places.


All these are fun elements to add to a pool. So, according to the scope of the project, the existing area as well as the style of the pool; one should decide this with the help of the experts.


  1. “How Much Should I Consider The Cost?”


Lastly, the cost of the swimming pool depends highly on the material used and the design chosen. Obviously, if one opts for a normal concrete pool, then it would cost more than a fibreglass pool- something around AU$20,000 more.


Other key aspects include such as covers, decking, landscaping, and also heating systems in some areas of Australia. Cost of filtration -(servicing pumps, filters) and ensuring the water is kept clean (chlorinators, self-cleaning units, suction cleaners and chemicals)- all include!


Each of these will cost a lot, and to know exactly how much one needs to expense; it would be appropriate to discuss all these with a reliable swimming pool installation professional in Brisbane clearly. One can even request them for an estimate of the project.


A Word Of Advice- Always keep 10-15% to whatever estimates pool builders provide, just to be on the safe side.


These are some of the key questions which one should ask their pool constructors before going ahead with their pool construction. Be sure to use these details. It will ensure the project is carried out to perfection.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a trustworthy swimming pool installation expert in Brisbane and has been helping the local house owners with their project completion. With that, the author also knows about the other licensed swimming pool installation professionals.