Some people will question whether there is any real need to call in pest control companies. After all, there are means of dealing with things like bedbugs and mice yourself so why pay the extra to have someone come do the same thing? Well, you do not have to, but it makes good sense, because in fact a lot of the methods of pest control people use only deal with some of the issues, or end up not working at all. Using a pest control company for bed bug control, Coquitlam, or mouse control, Maple Ridge just makes a lot of sense and here is why as well as some tips.

One very good reason to call in a licensed company is to avoid damaging your health, your family and pets health, and your home's safety. Using the wrong pesticides, using them incorrectly, or using the wrong ones can be a problem, and when you do it wrong the problem you are trying to treat is still there.

Removing bedbugs

Bedbugs are not easy to remove with home methods as they are very hard to kill. Often actions just move them or actually make the infestation spread further. Unfortunately, to kill them the bedbug needs to come into direct contact with the product and eggs tend to survive products that are advertised as good for getting rid of them. Bedbugs are excellent at hiding in crevices and inside walls as well and with eggs being so easily carried on clothing and items they spread quickly.

For proper and effective control of these pests, you need to call in professionals in bed bug control Coquitlam. Even then it is very hard to kill them all in one visit. Many companies will have to come back for a good three treatments every two weeks. It is essential if you have bedbugs to call in professionals as soon as you suspect a problem, do not delay.

Removing mice

Mice have been unwanted guests for centuries, they are skillful at getting to the food you think has been properly stored, they can chew through walls, cords, floors, furniture and such and they hide well and as hard to catch. Without good mouse control Maple Ridge just one female can have ten litters in 12 months. Each litter can have up to twelve more mice and they can start breeding at 2 months old. They multiply quickly and can be the cause of not just damage but also health issues.

It is important if you see signs that you call in professionals. They can find all the places the mice chew threw, they can clear out the nest and then can advise on things like sealing up holes, better food storage options and making sure you clean up spills and crumbs sooner rather than later.

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