Everyone working individual dreams of buying a house for their family. Owing to your own house is one of the largest investments in today’s era. Majority of the individuals plan on buying a property by borrowing home loans from banks or finance companies. That is because it is the most convenient way to buy a home. There are a variety of options for home loans available in the market you can choose from.

Normal Home Loan:
It is the most widely recognized kind of home loan. As the competition is high, a lot of banks and private funding companies offer loans in less than 48 hours if the eligibility criteria are met. You can avail an affordable home loan in India for approximately 70-80 percent of the property value and can be last for nearly 25 years.

Home Construction Loan:
Home construction loans can be availed if you own land and anticipate constructing your house on it. This type of loan is gaining popularity as a lot of people are benefitting from this it to construct their own houses. The loan amount is approved in portions as per the progress of the construction. The application process for the new home construction loans is also stress-free.

Home Loan Extension:
Home loan extensions are provided for making civil changes to your existing home. That can be further categorized as loan for any renovation like building a kitchen, adding an extra floor or a new room.

NRI Home Loans:
These types of loans are specially created to suit the needs of an NRI (non-resident Indian). The process has been simplified with minimum paperwork and plenty of options for pre-payment. NRI Home Loans allow the borrower to avail the maximum amount.

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