Tired of dating and looking for a more committed relationship? The challenge is, how can you find a worthy fellow and keep in interested in you when every other female is on the prowl for him? You can't very well lock him up.

Start By Loving Yourself

This is a really effective method to make sure your guy stays interested in you. The media has all but destroyed a woman's self esteem by putting ridiculous and unachievable standards out there, so we can't always view ourselves as attractive and sexy.

By seeing yourself as attractive, men will get the memo. They'll start to see you as you see yourself. Want to know an attractive attribute - confidence. Loving your beauty and accepting your greatness will make you much more attractive to your guy, and he'll love you for those things as well.

Getting His Attention

While many girls have the problem of wondering how to keep a guy wanting more, you won't have the pleasure of this concern if you can't get his attention in the first place! This is what you have to consider. In order to get a guy's attention, do you want to have to go out of your way? No matter what you do, if he's interested in you, he'll notice you. Taking matters in your own hands is OK, just do it right. Smile, catch his eye. But don't go overboard with the flirting.

Keep Him Interested After The First Date

Don't let any past dating failures hurt your dating outlook now. After all, you're a woman, not a kid anymore. The men you are attracting now aren't boys anymore and they shouldn't be thinking like boys. They are looking for an adult to have a relationship with. They are attracted to you because of who you are, what your values are and what you are interested in.

If you want to keep a guy interested long after the first date has passed, you'll want to keep the focus on these non-physical qualities. When the shine wears off the initial attraction, you want to build your relationship on a solid foundation of mutual values and interests.

Never, never give up, on yourself or on him. Making it past the first few dates is a huge milestone. He's into you. Just be your genuine self, but put your best foot forward. Your best version of you is what he'll see.

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