Paxos in Greece is a tiny hideaway island that is actually far away from the hush-hush and busy lives, all chaos and is located at a place closer to nature and serenity. This island is just a few nautical miles away from Corfu and is known for the romantic hideaways. It is among-st the smallest Ionian Islands. While visiting Greece, ensure that you visit this beautiful place without missing any single corner of it. Or you can also consider renting the famous rental apartments in Paxos for your entire stay and commuting to other places from there itself.

Always find a hotel that is near the ‘Town’: While visiting to a new and an unknown place, it is always beneficial to book for a place to stay that is located at a little distance from all the prominent visiting places, eatery zones and of course the shopping area. Also, ensure that the rental place offers seaside views, offering relaxation and serenity at the most. Since there is no means of transport at Paxos, you either have to travel everywhere on foot or through water transport. Thus, ensure booking a villa from where everything is accessible easily.

Mark a day to visit Gaios: This place ‘Gaios’ is the capital of Paxi (Paxos) and it is an attractive port that one cannot miss exploring. It is set in a fjord-like cove protected by two islets i.e. Panagia and Agios Nikalaos. The place has a lot to offer from walks exploring the traditional Ionian architecture, admiring its culture and exploring the picturesque sight that reflects in the water along with the lush green foliage surrounding the town.

Explore the beaches on and around Paxos Island: Paxi is known for many beaches it hosts, but being a traveler you need transportation to reach most of them. You can also avail bus services to visit the other parts of the island. A caique helps taking you over to visit the small islets off Gaios’ port. The place offers beautiful scenic views that not only offers serenity but also offers small hideaways where you can spend some quality and romantic time with your love.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit beach-town Lakka: Lakka is a place that is worth a visit and you can visit here after a short bus trip from Gaios- Capital of Paxi. Board a bus and get ready for the sightseeing. The route itself offers serene views and you can travel entire eight kilometers by admiring the tangles olive groves and dusty farm homes. It is a pleasant village that is built around an aquamarine bay surrounded by lush vegetation.

Cute Beachtown Loggos: If you visit entire Paxos and miss visiting Loggos, you’ll surely miss out something worth a visit. Loggos hosts two beautiful beaches and excursions by boat. Another place that gains your attraction is the settlement on the island Ozias where there is a small bridge over the islet of Mogonisis.

At the end of your trip, you’ll surely miss the place and you would not be able to leave it easily. The serenity and the beauty of this small island of Ionian Sea will make you attached with it very quickly. You’ll surely fall in love with the taverns and the mini markets host by place.

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Therefore, whenever you plan a visit to this beautiful place ensure that you keep in considerations the points listed above and over everything look for the location of the rental apartments in Paxos, Greece and book the most nearest ones for your hassle-free travel and convenience.