The most frequent question I get asked by clients is: “How do I tell the difference between my own mind and the messages of my angels?”

Is this a challenge for you too?
Today, I’d like to share some tips with you to overcome this doubt so that you can truly trust you are receving divine guidance. These tips might not be what you expected to hear, so take a deep breath and have an open mind as you read this!

1. Let go of the analyzing and dissecting!

Over-thinking is a habit.
And it’s not a good habit. For many of us, analyzing and dissecting is the way that we cope with things that are new and feel uncomfortable. If you are new to connecting with your angels it will feel out of your comfort zone.

And when you feel out of your comfort zone your mind will start going crazy to compensate and try to make you feel safe again.

This is the worst thing to do when trying to connect with your angels. You connect with your angels through your feeling/psychic nature NOT your intellectual/thinking nature.

Instead of questioning and analyzing, simply be an observer.
Name what you hear, see, feel inside but don’t try to figure out what it means – just simply name it!

This will even remove the concern about knowing for sure if it came from your angels, because that’s not as important as trusting your psychic impressions over your intellect.

When you stop analyzing, you won’t worry so much about whether it was really your angels. Problem solved!

2. Notice how you feel inside.

When your angels are communicating with you, you will also feel the influence of their high vibration of energy.

You might experience this as a feeling of peace, clarity, even ecstasy. It is always a positive, calming feeling.

If you ever experience a feeling of doom and gloom, pressure or imposition, that is NOT your angels.

3. The guidance just “pops in your head.”

If you’ve ever had an a-ha moment, where all of a sudden you get a clear understanding or insight, then you’ve been in communication with your angels. The impressions from your angels just pop in your head without effort. You might also describe it as “picking it up.” Your angels are communicating with you psychically, and you perceive that psychic communication.

4. Notice when you feel chills or shivers.

When your angels come close to you physically, you will feel this high vibration of energy as an extra charge to your nervous system. This feels like chills, shivers, tingles or goosebumps. Only your angels can give you a feeling of chills, because only your angels have a high enough vibration for you to feel them physically. So, when you experience chills you can be 100% certain you are getting a confirmation or message from your angels.

5. Ask and you shall receive.

Get into the mode of receiving guidance. You have your own psychic abilities also, and your angels communicate to you through your inner communication system. Your four psychic gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling or in other words, your inner hearing, inner seeing, inner knowing and inner feeling.

Get in the habit of receiving. Your job is to ask the right questions, then be still and receive the answers. Once you get into practice with this you will be able to tell it is your guidance because you will immediately get a response to your question. Still worried that you’re making it up, and it’s not really your angels? Refer back to Steps 1-4! Then, practice, practice, practice!

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