Google is the largest showcase in the world, the one that attracts the most attention and that everyone turns to when they have an interest in a product or service. For this reason, it is essential to achieve a good web positioning with our corporate site or blog (whether professional, company or personal), since an optimal search engine positioning is similar with visits to our website.

Web positioning, also known by its acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization, is the result of a series of actions and techniques to get our web or appear blog in the first search results when a user uses Google (or Yahoo! or Bing) to find information.

Appearing in the top positions is decisive, since approximately 42% of users click on the first Google search result, 12% click on the second result and 9% click on the third. Also, only 3% of users visit the second page of Google results.

What is the key to good web positioning (SEO)?

There are many elements to take into account in a web positioning strategy (SEO service), but there are some that we consider to be fundamental and that we will describe below:


The most important thing for search engines is to offer quality content to the searches made by users and one way to determine this is to reward with a better web positioning those websites and blogs that are periodically updated by incorporating new content. Do not think of your website as a closed and defined space that cannot be touched, but as something alive that must show the changes and evolutions of your organization: take advantage of the news section to explain progress and launches, open a blog to provide resources and Advice to your potential customers and update your product and service pages with customer reviews, demos, technical sheets, etc.


It is not possible to be well positioned in everything, so choose which are the main and secondary keywords in your sector and incorporate them into the static and dynamic content of your website or blog.

Pictures and videos

Internet users prefer images and videos to text, so search engines little by little begin to give more and more importance to these elements. When you update your website or publish a news item, always accompany it with an image, visitors will appreciate it, and Google will too!

Meta tags

The title and description meta tags are basic information that helps Googlebot to determine what the content is on a page and decide whether or not to display it on the results page. Also, its content is displayed on the search results page. Take advantage of them to incorporate your keywords and, at the same time, to send an interesting message to your potential visitor and get them to click on your link.

Linkbuilding and social networks

The links of other websites or blogs to you, as well as the content of your website or blog that users share on social networks, is very important for web positioning. When someone links you, they are recommending your content, and search engines consider that this is done when the content is interesting and of quality, which rewards with a better positioning in the search results.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you think there is any other key element to get a good web positioning ( SEO ) that we have missed? We look forward to your comments!

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Imon is a freelance writer.