Today I want to talk about an important principle you must follow if you want to succeed in your network marketing business: consistency. You must be consistent in your MLM marketing strategy if you expect to have real long term success. If you want to make any real money in this industry, you'll will need to have a long-term mindset and your MLM marketing strategy will have to be focused on building your business over time.

If you have a get-rich-quick mindset, you need to do a reality check. Network Marketing is a business and like any other business it takes time and effort to build.

Consistency in your MLM marketing strategy may not necessarily result in quick, easy, short-term gains. Too many people come into network marketing thinking they can just sign up with a company as a distributor, then BAM! the checks will start rolling in. I'm here to tell you, that's not how it works.

Real success comes from developing a plan of action and following it consistently over time. Pick the MLM marketing strategy that appeals to you most and implement it. If you want to be a blogger, focus only on the activities that will help you become the best blogger possible. If you want to do Facebook Pay-Per-Click, then become an expert at it. If you want to do video marketing, get all the tools you need and go do it. Whatever you choose, focus with laser intensity until you have mastered that MLM marketing strategy.

This is really important, so please make sure you don't miss this part:

Do not change your MLM marketing strategy until you have mastered it and are consistently generating leads from it every single day.

Consistent lead generation should always be your goal in any network marketing strategy. You might find yourself strongly tempted to abandon your MLM marketing strategy if you've been working on it for while and are not seeing the results you hoped for. This is exactly the wrong thing to do and it will lead to failure.

All of the popular MLM marketing strategy will work: blogging, article marketing, PPC, video marketing, social media, etc. They all work. There are tons of people out there right now using these and other MLM marketing strategy and they're generating a ton of leads doing them.

The really successful network marketers all share this one thing in common regardless of the MLM marketing strategy they're following: they're doing it consistently.

There's a saying that "it's always darkest before the dawn". It means that when things are looking their worst, just wait because it's about to get better. If you've been working on a particular MLM marketing strategy for a while without results instead of jumping to something else, you need to figure out what's not working. It's not the MLM marketing strategy that doesn't work, it's either something specific that you're missing or you simply haven't given it enough time for the results to kick in.

Stick with it and have the confidence in yourself and your abilities that you can succeed and you will.

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Mary & Dean R Black
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Mary & Dean R Black have been happily married since March 2010 with a blended family including 3 kids. They are taking the network marketing industry by storm with their special blend of passion for life and love for their kids and especially for each other.

They live in suburban Atlanta, Ga. and enjoy working on their businesses and spending time with their kids. They have figured out how to successfully do both at the same time without neglecting either.