Among the different types of factors which are responsible for the growth of a business keeping financial records aligned and error-free deserves to top the chart of “To Do’s” which only a small business accountant can provide. Over and again we have seen how well organised financial records hold the key to upping a growth curve for a business. Poor accounting and financial record keeping can lead to the fall of a business.

However, such problems can be easily avoided when you hire a competent accountant for the job. Meanwhile when you decide to hire a professional you almost feel confused since it’s hard to identify a good bookkeeper from a multitude of options. If you are seriously looking forward to hiring an accountant, we will tell you about the chief qualities to look in an accountant especially when you are the owner of a sole proprietorship firm:

Well versed

Of course the first point to watch out for on your journey to finding a competent accounts keeper is whether they understand the fundamentals of accounting and have clear idea about prevailing accountancy metrics. Good small business tax accountants in Browns Plains must always be well-informed of trending accountancy rules. They must have the knowledge and skills to customise various financial reports to fit around the needs of a business.

Considers your business to be most important

To a loyal and reliable accountant your business will always be very important. However, when it comes to hiring someone suitable, you must round up on an individual who understands your business and respects its operations. An accountant who respects your business will make it a point to always prioritise it. They will work as a team player.


A key trait which should ideally prompt a small business owner to select an accountant from a bunch of candidates is their organised approach. Choosing an accountant who is not at all organised can land a business owner in trouble. Typically, a good accountant will pay attention to various business related details. They will keep records and ensure such information is readily available in times of need.

Understanding your business sector

When it comes to hiring a professional bookkeeper for managing accounts of a small business the person should firstly understand the industry of operation. They must have the ability to relate the industry scenario with your financial status and help in smooth running of the business. Furthermore, it is considered vital for an accountant to have industry knowledge and insights on current trends.

Being familiar with industry related factors will help them capitalise on areas which will further widen the profit margins.

Great communication

Besides, having clarity about your business, a good accountant will have data and figures ready to share with you. Good fixed fee accountants in Browns Plains must have the capability to explain by breaking down each piece of information and making sense out of everything they have procured.


Since accountants are responsible for handling confidential business accounts related data and money, it is considered elementary that you hire someone who is reliable and holds great reputation as a reliable bookkeeper. Always keep someone to whom you can entrust your business accounts and data.

Whenever it comes to finding a good bookkeeper make sure the professional has all these traits as mentioned here. They should carry out their responsibilities with due diligence.

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The author runs a small business tax accountants firm in Browns Plains. In recent times the author has been shedding light on various aspects related to hiring of accountants.