Every business owner looks for ways to streamline their operations, boost productivity and cut down operational costs. Well, achieving operational efficiency along with cost reductions is the prime secret to benchmark your business in the industry. Almost all businesses run today with computer systems, scanners, servers, smart phones devices and chargers. While all of them are driving up the electricity bills, you need some real measures to reduce the bills to save up some of your business’s operational costs.

Whether you are a small business owner or run a big enterprise, here are certain ways you can make your business energy-efficient.

Use of solar energy

While there are innumerable ways you can minimize operational costs and raise efficiency, one preliminary step is the tactful use of solar energy for cost reduction in your business. Installation of solar thermal panels at the rooftop of your building will help you utlise the maximum of energy from sun rays. It will help you in a number of uses including pre-heating ventilation, running water heaters and powering up light bulbs and fans.

Use Energy-star rated electrical products

Everything that your business use, from computers to printers and coffee machines must be Energy-star qualified. It is a special initiative by most governments to label electronic products with Energy-star ratings to help consumers save up power consumption. Such products not only consume less energy than a similar non-Star-rated device but also go into power-saving mode automatically.

Go for an energy audit

One key way to save your energy consumption is to go for an energy audit at periodic intervals. An energy audit will get you a baseline for energy consumption at your workplace and help in achieving that. Thus, it will help you figure out which equipment or office devices are consuming more energy every month and how the electric bill can be lowered with their efficient use.

Replace lights with CFL and LED bulbs

Saving a bit at different places in your office will accumulate into a great saving in the electricity bill. Replace all the lighting systems with LED (Light-emitting diode) and CFL (Compact fluorescent light) bulbs. They are highly energy-efficient and use up nearly 75% less of electricity. Besides, the bulbs have extended life cycles and may last more than 50 times of general electrical bulbs.

Use thermostats that are programmable

Offices with fixed working hours can save their energy consumption in the best way with programmable thermostats. They will help you control the temperatures of your office rooms automatically without being physically present every time. The ACs or heaters will turn on by default before employees arrive and will similarly be switched as they leave the office premise. Besides, thermostats will keep adjusting automatically with seasonal temperature variations.

If you think your business is well efficient, there’s still more room to raise your productive efficiency every day and benchmark your business. So, businesses that are looking for ways to cut down their costs and drive efficiency can start with these simple measures of reducing energy consumption at their workplace.

Author's Bio: 

Dylan Munro is a business consultant who maintains his blog to help other entrepreneurs know the different ways to set benchmark in your business for efficiency. His recent stories cover mostly energy-saving measures in offices and industries including the use of solar energy for cost reduction and resource planning.