The key business strategy is simple and it changes everything. You need to make time every single day to plan and implement ideas and strategies for developing your thinking to grow your businesses. More specifically, you need to make time every single day to take an honest look at where you are being blocked in your thinking or mindset.

Are you self-sabotaging and finding excuses not to do follow up and call your clients? Or are you afraid to ask for the money when working with clients? I say to my coaching clients that if they do just this part of working ‘on’ their businesses mindset, their Law of Attraction success in attracting more clients and business is inevitable.

Not applying this simple business strategy everyday can have severe consequences in the growth you see. Quite possibly your income will be the same as it has been for the last several years, or even drop. You start to notice that your colleagues are rapidly moving forward and gaining market share. Your energy and enthusiasm drops and you start to wonder why in the world you went into business anyways.

Yes, applying this simple business strategy is well worth the conscious effort it will take on your part. One of the small business owners I coach has more than tripled her clients in less than three months – using just this one aspect of working ‘on’ her inner business mindset. A top coach in health and wellness, she has hired another virtual assistant, and another fitness trainer, to reduce much of the work she previously did ‘in’ her business. This gave her time to work on removing any unseen limits and builds her client attraction muscles – to gain inner confidence – and to create a strategy on where she wants to go next in her business and bigger thinking.

The results were immediate and amazing! And the key to her continuing successes are some simple steps that I encourage you to implement. She chose one ‘limiting belief’ a day that was self-sabotaging her business success – worked on removing it – and chose another one every single day. When she started, she worried that she would be unable to remove all of her limiting beliefs, blocks and barriers to be able to ask for the money or make follow up calls to her clients.

Instead she discovered that once she started removing her limiting beliefs her confidence and courage is expanding in all areas of her business. Now, she is comfortable asking for the money that she deserves, making follow up calls, and her client attraction and the Law of Attraction is in full speed. Let me Repeat: Do this and your success is inevitable!

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