Sports injuries are injuries that occur in athletic activities like running or jumping from a height & non-guided exercises. It is very important to have an active participation in warm ups, stretching & exercises specially designed for a particular muscle group. The most common out of the sports injuries are ligament injuries.

• Pain
• A Popping Sound during activities leading to instability in knee
• Swelling
Knee Arthroscopy

Ligament injuries can be best detected by MRI scanning.
Most injured ligament of knee is the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). It is a ligament which provides stability to the knee. It is injured due a sudden ‘twist movement’ of the knee. In injury the ACL is either stretched, partially torn or completely torn.
Treatment –

Those who have high activity levels, arthroscopic repair via ACL reconstruction is recommended. ACL reconstruction- is a surgical fissure graft replacement of ACL to restore its function after an injury. After surgery patient is allowed to walk very next day with a brace, he is allowed to bend knee to a range suggested by the orthopedic doctor/surgeon.

Rehabilitation time is between 3-6 months.
The other most important ligament of knee is PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament). It is infrequently injured. PCL is usually injured when an athlete falls to me ground with a bent knee.
Treatment –

PCL surgery involves reconstructing the torn ligament using a fissure graft which is taken from another part of your body.
Rehabilitation time is between 6-12 months.
The other common type of ligament tear is Meniscus Tear. Meniscus is piece of cartilage in knee that cushions & stabilizes the joint. It protects the bones from wear and tear. It takes a good twist of the knee to tear the meniscus. Sometimes a piece of shredded cartilage breaks loose & catches in the knee joint, causing it to lock up. Meniscus tears are a special risk for older athletes since the meniscus weakens with age.

• RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation of Knee.
• Anti-inflammatory medicines.
• Physiotherapy
Surgery may be required if tear is large, unstable or causing locking symptoms.
Full recovery may take 4-6 weeks.

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