How does visibility relate to networking? Visibility, of course, is your presence or profile -- it's the recognition you establish by being in the room.

What if you're not in the room? Do people notice? Why is this important?
Quite often, if someone is absent, I wonder where that person is. Is he or she ill, unhappy with the group, or no longer in business? That absence is something I notice and if I notice, it simply means that person is someone important to me. Isn't the awareness of one's absence also a measure of their visibility? It most certainly is.

If I don't see someone for several meetings, I usually pick up the phone to call and ask if everything's alright. That person has made enough of an impression on me to warrant me reaching out. Does anyone else think this way? I believe you do.

Thanks to keeping in touch with my connections, I’ve recently received referrals from two people in my network. One of these centers of influence, is relatively new to my network -- we met a few months ago and touch base on occasion. The other is someone I've known for several years.

Since we do not meet formally or share membership in any groups, these types of relationships are more difficult to maintain, as we don't see one another on a regular basis. To keep our relationships alive and well, one of us must suggest to meet or reach out to the other. If we don’t do this, our relationship would certainly weaken.

It’s like the famous shampoo phrase, “Lather, Rinse, Repeat.” Why do you advertise multiple times? Because once is not enough! Why should you attend events consistently? Because once is not enough! Why keep going to group meetings? Because once is not enough! Why meet one on one with someone repeatedly? Because once is not enough!

Now you have it. It’s downright unrealistic for anyone to expect to do business by being somewhere, going to a meeting, or attending an event. Each time you go back, meet with someone or give of yourself, it increases the odds that you will receive some business.

Are you staying in touch with your connections? Does opportunity pass you by due to a lack of contact? If you're not maintaining some level of contact with those you don't see regularly, you'd better start! Why? Because someone else (maybe a competitor) certainly is!

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Don Talbert, founder of Centurion Business Coach, has a passion for networking and consultative selling. Don leverages his passion and experience to help others excel in business. As the author of The Networking Success Kit, Don applies his experiences and packages it into a practical, real world guide to networking success.