Every business these days needs to optimize their keywords and SEO. Keysearch is one of the best tools to do so, as they offer one of the largest arsenals of SEO tools, all wrapped nicely in intuitive and easy to look at the design.

Let's begin from the start. First distinctive feature over their competitors is that Keysearch is a web-based application, There is no need to tediously download and install a program, as everything can be done on the website. It makes searching for keywords easy, as it can be done on every device with an internet connection.

Just plugging in one keyword of a required niche in Keysearch will provide the client with hundreds of similar keywords with extensive analysis, like PPC, CPC, and search volume. In addition, a refined search is possible, with Google Suggest, Youtube Suggest, and Amazon Suggest search filters.

It is far from all the functionality of Keysearch. It provides with competition analysis, which shows an in-depth data of client's keyword, and presents with difficulty score and full first-page research results analysis. It will ensure that the client will find the best keywords for the required business niche.

Besides all that, Keysearch also offers rank tracking. A client can receive automatic notifications, reports, and on-demand ranking updates to stay on top of the keyword game. Using Keysearch, it is even possible to find organic keyword rankings and search for backlinks of any website on the web.

Keysearch has completely dissected Google algorithm, as their Content Assistant tool shows the type of keywords Google's algorithm is favoring within the first page results. All of it allows Keysearch to optimize rankings of client's blog posts and articles.

This website also offers in-depth video tutorials on every page, which are easy to understand even to a beginner of SEO. If a user still has questions, Keysearch's friendly, knowledgeable and fast support staff will give their support. Keysearch tries to stay at the top of their competition and wants to offer the same for their clients, so regular features and updates is a usual practice.

The best part of their services is that it is more than affordable. There are three pricing tags, all of which offers one of the best cost-to-value ratios across the whole keyword search and SEO optimization market.

Free Trial is a great starting point for beginners. Features such as Youtube Research, Reporting/API Access, Content Assistant, and Exact Domain Check comes free for one month. It even does not require a credit card. Just sign up and start using the free trial of Keysearch.

Starter pricing tag comes at $17/month, but it is well worth it. With this option, a client can do up to 200 daily searches and analysis. For this pricing, Keysearch offers all the functions of a free trial, but with the addition of 80 rank tracker keywords, and gives Competitive Analysis Access. All the tools needed for perfect SEO optimization of any website. The best part is that annually all of it comes only at $169.

Finally, Pro price tag offers all the functionality mentioned before, but it allows to perform up to 500 daily searches and analysis, and it offers 200 rank tracker keywords, instead of just 80 that the Starter option does. Pro package comes at $34/month, or just $279 annually. If a client is serious about getting to the top with their business, this is the option to choose.

In conclusion, Keysearch is one of the best services to use in the whole SEO and keywords search market. Its value to cost ratio is unattainable by other similar services. Besides, it is web-based and easy to use even to complete beginners of this field.

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