Procrastination and wasting time are common ailments. Even if you lose only a few hours a week to them, it can be annoying. Why? Because you may realize that you didn’t really ENJOY the wasted time. If you had actually planned to take that time off, you might have done something much more enjoyable and relaxing. And if you had been more intentional, you might be seeing profound improvements in your business.

If you are ready to rev up your motivation, here is the place to start:

1. What do you stand to gain? Before you look at your to-do list, take the time to consider what you really want in life. Be honest. There is far more to life than paying bills and avoiding aches and pains. What life do you REALLY want? For the moment, put aside any need to understand HOW you will create it, and simply visualize a perfect day or week. The only actions worth taking are those that move you toward your ideal.

2. Where are you now? What have you accomplished? Where have you fallen short of your expectations? You may find this step unsettling. I encourage you be brave. Underneath any disappointment is your unconscious knowledge and belief that you CAN do so much more. Awareness is the first step of change.

3. Notice what you are resisting. Are there things on your to-do list that you simply dread? Stop and notice why. Are you afraid you will fail? Are the tasks boring? Are they outside your comfort zone? Consider for a moment whether any of these things are truly necessary. Eliminate or delegate whenever possible.

4. Be grateful. Search around you for the talents, resources and circumstances you may be overlooking. Consider your health, your friends, your intelligence, your family and the moments of beauty. Be grateful that you have the choice to waste time – even that is a gift!

5. Make a decision. You can decide your future from this moment forward. Are you willing to consider the possibility that your life can be as ideal as you wish to make it? Are you willing to simplify and make some changes? To decide—to de-cide—means to “kill off” any other options. Once you make a decision, of any kind, you will find yourself acting upon your new choice. Choose, then, only what moves you forward to a fulfilled life worthy of your talents.

6. Be kind to yourself. Honor yourself in each moment. Give yourself time to rest and recuperate. Give yourself planned breaks. Set a timer for 50 minutes of focused work without distraction. Then give yourself 10 minutes to refresh before you start a new task. If you find that you have fallen back into an old habit, be willing to shake off the old and begin fresh again.

7. Get a support system. Make it easy to stay on track. Set appointments with deadlines. Have friends call to schedule time off. Get a coach or mastermind group. Make the process automatic.

Look for the fun in staying on track to accomplish your goals. If you make your work area pleasant and include recreation in every day, you will accomplish more…and be happier in the process.

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