Crafting can be fun for kids of any age group. Children are very creative and most of them would like to mess around with their craft material. And this freedom to create whatever they want is fun for kids. More than that there are a lot of benefits of crafting like building fine motor skills, dexterity, concentration, develops their creativity, problem solving, builds eye-hand co-ordination, idea generation, etc
On the whole they get to know about the world around them, they learn about everything, colors, size, and smell of the material they are using without even knowing that they are learning. Most children learn quickly by sensing or feeling than by learning from text books. All subjects can be better understood while crafting, even math can be learned well by crafting.
Art and craft can be used indirectly to teach your kids colors, shapes, patterns, alphabet and numbers. By crafting you can reinforce learning and build on the skills that they learn at school. So make learning easier for them from these hidden benefits. Never bother about the mess they create, just have fun with your kids…
Teaching Yellow Color To Kids
For instance, if you have a hard time teaching colors to your kids, crafting is a better idea to teach them. He won't even know he is learning. If you are teaching color to toddlers you can make use of their toys to teach colors. For preschoolers or school going kids you can allow them to draw and paint to get them familiar with colors. Or ask them to wear a particular color on each day of the week and you can put them into groups to craft something that are yellow.
You can also celebrate yellow week with your kids by asking them to dress up in yellow cloths, eat yellow colored food using yellow colored plates, helping them to craft things that are yellow. If you attempt to teach colors this way using their senses, they will learn better. Remember the more you do activities related to the colors the better they will learn.
Home is the first place where your kids start to learn colors so start teaching them at a very early stage. It is very important that you teach them abstract ideas like colors with great care. While teaching your kid with a blue berry and black berry, you not only teach them the color but you also teach them indirectly that color has no shape. This concept of play way method not only expands the horizon of education, reinforces learning through observation and awareness.

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This article is written by Aisha Sherina, freelance writer and blogger. Check out her art and craft blog