Joint degeneration affects children just as it affects grown adults. But for children, joint discomfort can be a serious problem that affects everything from a child’s physical abilities to their fragile psychology. Plus, joint degeneration in children can pose a problem for the entire family.
Tampa resident Patrick Bliven is one of those children who was diagnosed with joint deterioration early on. A A Tampa Tribune article article documenting Patrick’s story revealed that 300,000 children nationally have been diagnosed with joint health problems and other issues dealing with lack of joint nutrition. He was a fourth grader who had to deal with the problem far too early on in life. But his story is one with a happy ending because of the response he got from his family. In fact, it’s even proven to open up career opportunities for his sister, who’s learning to become a pharmacist several years later.
Today, Patrick is in high school and has learned to cope with his disease. Although he still takes medicines that upset his stomach and disturb his immune system, he’s adapted to life with joint health issues. One remedy that many people in Patrick’s position overlook is a dietary supplement which can help ease stomach problems and cut down on the unwanted side effects. Flexcin, a joint pain natural supplement is one example.
Over the years Patrick’s family has jumped into his cause, immediately organizing fund-raising events, such as golf tournaments. They’ve worked tirelessly in concert with the Arthritis Foundation so that they could help open up a camp designed for other children with joint health problems. The Foundation’s Florida chapter has worked closely with Patrick and his family, encouraging them to serve as special advocates of the cause in many ways. It’s a great way for others to learn about joint health problems in youth, as well as serve as a rallying point for others in need.

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