Creating confidence in kids,
is about relationships with
their parents and peers.
Confidence is a trust that
must develop over time and
once it is gained, it will not
fail. Try not to think
negatively because it can
have an adverse on the kids.
They might be thinking
why am I doing this when
it won’t do any good
anyway. Stay positive
throughout the time that
they are around you. I
think I can. I know I can. I

The Know How
From the very beginning of the
infant's life a large, although not
noticeable, learning curve begins.
We as parents don't get an
instruction manual for the new
baby while in the delivery room. It
is our goal as parents to try to make
our kids as well rounded, happy
and confident as possible. It is a lot
easier to bring them up with
instilled features rather then getting
caught off guard later in it's years
when the kids become adults.
Our children are all individuals –
they are not our property but people
in their own right.
Too many people have children for
the wrong reasons – to date a
member of the opposite sex for
example. The kids deserve respect
and must be allowed to become
their own person. They are not mini
versions of their parents – well at
least they shouldn’t be.
From the day the kids are born,
they should be taught how to find
their own way in this world and at
their own pace. What I mean is
that your role as a parent is similar
to that of a coach. You should be
there to cheer them on as they
move towards different goals, but
never try and push them to do
something they are not yet ready
for or don't want to do.

Watch Yourself
Watch yourself. What you do and
say can leave a big impression on
your baby's future. They have their
own way of talking to you. You as
a parent in many cases have to
guess what they are saying. You
also need to learn the baby's likes
and dislikes. They don't cry for no
reason. Listen to them. For
example, babies use crying to
communicate. Generally a baby
will only cry when he needs
something, to be changed, he is
hungry or he is scared and wants a
A baby who is held and cuddled all
the time will in my opinion be
more reliant on others or pacified
so to speak. The best of both
worlds is to let the baby be itself.
Cuddle when needed and be left
alone when not needed. The baby
needs his space too. But he should
not be left to cry.
That is just mean and serves no
purpose. Babies understand more
than you think. Infants and small
children are like sponges, they soak
up everything we say and do. Sing
to him. Most babies love singing
and they don’t mind if you are tone
deaf! My grandson loved to have
his ear lobes messaged. It settled
him right down. Parents and child
need this kind of relationship. It
instills the fact that mom and dad
are there for him. In the early years,
a child sees his whole world right
there in his home-mom, dad,
comfy, toys, relaxed.
Keep in mind that he always
seeks mom and dad's approval for
anything. You know. You have
probably seen this happen.
The baby just getting into the
toddler stage, grabs the cell phone
when no one is looking. After
hours of searching, and dialing that
number to see if they could hear it,
they starting to get the baby ready
for bed. As mom picks him up, he
holds the cell in his hot little hand
and hands the phone to daddy with
that big grin. It's like he was
saying” here it is. I found it. Aren't
you proud of me”? Then he went to
bed with the parents laughing.
All babies will try to get away with
things at different times.
Depending on his learning style,
some things will come easy to him
while others will take a little longer
to master. But rest assured that he
wants your approval. Always
encourage your child to strive for
more. You can do if you don't try.
If mom and dad agree and try to
push him for something and you
see that he is not ready for it, leave
it be and move on. The child can
see that mom and dad aren't happy.
This can have a bad impact on
something else. Just let it be and
leave it alone because it will be
brought up again later in life.
Don't let his confidence be shaken.
The next time you want him to do
something will go much easier
because you didn't harp the past.
Believe me. It will show.
He can also pick up on nonverbal
movements that you put off. Your
body motion is picked up by him
also. Your baby really knows you
more than you think. But he needs
to know that he is loved no matter
Don't push for the potty training.
With practice the baby will get the
If mom and dad are confident
that the baby will be potty trained,
walking and talking by the time he
goes to school, he will feel loved
and accepted.
Always remember that the baby
needs his time also. He has to
develop himself and gain from self
learning. You don't have to lift and
play with the baby all time. He
needs to explore on his own. If you
really listen to the baby while in his
play pen, you may be introduce
some new friends.

Author's Bio: 

This is a portion of my life experiences with my kids and being in a large family of seven.