Our ancestors had a weird way of solving most of their problems. If someone were a social deviant or misfit, they would just kill them. If someone committed incest or treason, they would kill him. If someone refused to contribute to the community, they would bury them neck deep in the soil, and yes, you guessed it right. They would kill them. Even the people who were exiled were hunted down and killed sooner or later.

Today, we live in a 21st century and we understand that killing is bad. We are fully aware of the repercussions and thus we have to find other more civil ways to solve our problems. So we no longer kill people. Now, we just kill ideas. Throughout the years we have been socially domesticated. Much like a dog or cat, our genetic code has been altered, “neutered” to stop the procreation of anything that is different or new.

The human domestication was intended to weed out all of the bad traits of the human being. It works as a process to “tame” our primal instincts, our wild nature, and our sexual impulses that makes us want to mate with anyone we are attracted to. We are trained to have self-restraint, which works more like a muzzle than a filter that separates good thoughts from bad. Today, we are reprimanded if we misbehave. We are violently beaten over the head if we can’t control the movement of our bowels. Besides, the whole point of being domesticated is being able to clean up our sh*t. But sadly, many of us are knee deep in it.

So when someone smells it and calls us out on our sh*t. We revert back to our primal instincts. We devolve into our natural uncivilized selves where all problems were fixed with one simple solution. Kill! If you feel threatened by someone’s ideas or presence. You have to kill. If you are sexually attracted to someone and the feeling is not reciprocated, you have to kill. If someone makes you feel weak, feeble, and insecure, you have to kill. You have to kill any and everyone who calls you out on your sh*t.

Today, it is illegal to kill people physically. So we kill them spiritually. First, we try and tame them by keeping them on a short leash. It is best to not let them wander too far. If worse comes to worst, we kill their self-confidence and their self-worth. We kill everything about them; until they devolve into the domesticated pet we have trained them to be. Sadly, this could all be avoided, if we just learn to clean up our sh*t.

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