Social media platforms do a lot more than just connecting the people around the globe. Businesses can use social media for a number of purposes like gaining wider exposure, providing customer support and more. Here are some of the best tips that can help you provide exceptional customer service using social media.

Identify appropriate social media platforms:
In order to reach out to your target audience and provide them an exceptional service, you need to be present where they are. So, the customer service teams need to meet their customers where they’re already socializing. Searching for the brand mentions on social media platforms effectively helps with it.

Provide timely responses:
As compared to other means of customer service, social media has created an expectation of 24x7x365 availability. Therefore, in order to provide an exceptional customer support, you need to respond to inquiries, reviews, and complaints in the shortest possible time interval.

Make use of canned replies:
It is a known fact that customers want to be heard. Social media enables the businesses to learn about all the comments and questions that customers ask. Make sure that you do not leave any comment unattended online! Once you are done acknowledging all the comments and queries, you can gather the valuable data and create a series of pre-written replies. This helps in streamlining the process of social network moderation.

Monitor all the channels:
In order to deliver great customer service on social media, you need to listen to what’s being said about your brand online. This will help you identify issues and employ strategies to solve them. There are a number of social media monitoring tools that can help in social listening. Some of them include Hootsuite, Klout, IceRocket etc.

Reward your followers:
You should consider rewarding your followers whenever they say something positive about your brand or gives an employee a compliment. You can either send a coupon to their inbox, feature their picture, or make that fan the “Customer of the week”. These kind gestures help build brand loyalty.

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