Have you ever returned to your office after time away to find where you left off and what priorities you are working had escaped your memory?

I have. Too many times before I learned this...
Before I share the answer, come and experience my journey to the answer.

A year or so ago, I was returning after just taking Sunday off. That night, as I sat at home in my easy chair with my feet up and my review journal, I closed my eyes and remembered my day. Beginning from the time my feet hit the carpet to where I was now. It wasn't a productive day and my critic was trying to justify it away with, "Its okay, nobody has a productive day after coming back from vacation."

This was an eye opener for sure. I spent too much time fooling around with e-mails as I figured where I left off. During my review, I felt that lost feeling I was experiencing that morning that I kept pushing away.

A week passed and it was another Monday. I began to experience this again. This time I knew I needed to STOP it now and I didn't want to experience at the end of the day. "But how" I asked myself. I sat quiet and listened.

"Index cards" my mind answered.

"Index cards?" "Oh, okay," my mind responded but just because there isn't something better coming up.

I went into the supply cabinet and pulled out a stack of index cards and returned to my desk. I sat there staring at them. What’s next?

I heard, "Shhh...quiet...listen!" So, I did.

"Write one project on each card." I obeyed.

"Okay, what’s next?"

"Wow, you sure are impatient!"

"Yep, my parents complained about this too especially in the car on a trip."

"An hour or before you leave for a vacation, or even a weekend, write down where you left off and what was your next step," was the next message.

"Okay, gotcha. But...but...but this seems so rudimentary. This feels like returning to kindergarten planning! I have all these other methods on the computer that seemed much faster."

"Shut up; wear your Nike’s, just do it."
And so I did. To my surprise it worked. And worked well. In fact, I have given this suggestion to many clients. Yes, they too were saying the butts just as I did.

I went on to use this on a daily basis for a few weeks. Every night before I went home I updated my index cards. I crossed out the previous message, added new cards when there wasn't any more room on the card, and wrote in the last thing I did on that project and the next step to begin with tomorrow.

Eventually I moved everything over to Outlook but it wasn't the same including my success. Eventually I compromised. I wrote it all on a tablet instead of index cards -- I'm an environmentalist and need to save some trees.

To this day, I continue this process. I am able to dive right in to where I left off and it feels as if it's one long continuation.

Many writers actually use a similar method -- they stop in the middle of a sentence at the end of each writing period. After some practice of doing this they learn to pick up immediately where their thoughts left off.

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Catherine Franz, a Certified Marketing and Writing Coach, specializes in product development, Internet writing and marketing, nonfiction, training. Newsletters and articles available at: catherinefranz.com blog: abundance.blogs.com