More important than work, money, careers, success, or KINDNESS!
Being kind to others; your family, your friends, even total strangers, is the most important thing in this life!

What do YOU think of a person who makes tons of money, and is successful by the world's standards, but who is mean and nasty to others? Are they truly successful, and are they a Good Person?

I think NOT!

Kindness is so important, and every major (and even minor) religion preaches that we should all be KIND!

Being kind is not just for customers, clients, neighbors, and fellow worshippers...WE should all be KIND to our family and friends as well! If you are not kind to your spouse, then shame on you!

We should also be kind to ourselves, by making sure that we get enough sleep, enough to eat, enough water to drink, and enough "me" time to clear our minds and enjoy a few minutes of our precious lives, now and then!

Be kind!

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