The Kingz brand is one of the famous and most sort after in the BJJ and MMA world. They are manufacturers and sellers of the major fight wears and types of equipment ranging from BJJ Gi, shin guards, gloves, and even rash guards. Kingz brand started officially in the year 2011, and since then, a lot of experiments and tests have been taken and undergone to achieve and provide good fight wears and equipment to the fighters. The Kingzrash guards or rash vests, as they are sometimes called, are one of the top products of the Kingz brand. The Kingzrash guards have also been adopted for use by other sports such as football, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, etc.

The Kingzrash guards are manufactured in line with the rules and regulations of the MMA governing body, the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation, IBJJF, and this makes the rash guards popular for training and competition purposes. The rash guards are made necessary in a No-Gi competition; that is, in a competition where the BJJ Gi is not worn, the rash guards are worn instead, and the Kingzrash guard is designed with the No-Gi in mind. The rash guards can also be sometimes worn underneath the BJJ Gi to wick moisture away and to feel dry and cool during the fight or training. The Kingzrash guards come in varieties of unique designs with the Kingz logo boldly written on the sleeves and the back. The Kingzrash guard is made to be very lightweight with fine material, width maybe vinyl, Lycra, or nylon, to enable the body to feel dry during the fight. These materials contain antibacterial, and it is very sleek and super comfortable as it fits the body perfectly. The material used for making the rash guards do not stick to the body, so it is usually easy to take on and off after training or competition, although it fits the body perfectly as it comes in various body sizes.

The Kingzrash guards are made to wick moisture away from the body and also to restrict skin to skin contact. The Kingzrashguard is very important because it makes the body dry and cool during a fight, protects the fighter from sunburn when exposed to sunlight, rashes, and it also limits the contacting of skin diseases such as ringworm. Kingzrash guards are also made to be stretchy in order to fit, and they are very durable as well as it does not wear and tear easily. The Kingzrash guards are either in short or long sleeves but it is always advised to wear the long sleeve rash guards in place of the short sleeve rash guards in a No-Gi competition, because it covers the whole skin, hands, elbows even down to the wrist and this helps to protect the body from skin to skin contact with the opponent, and it is also necessary to reduce skin diseases and infections. Kingzrash guards are made in different colors and designs to suit the wearer's taste and choice, and they may also come with short or long pants. Kingzrash guards are designed for the use of both men and women fighters.

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