everyone' body there is an aura.  Some can interpret an aura without the
use of Kirlian photography.  Others enjoy using Kirlian cameras that takes
snapshots of the aura with quite a degree of precision.  There is no right
or wrong way of reading an aura.  However, having an alternative way of
doing so is always helpful.

imaging, named after Semyon Kirlian, was accidentally discovered in 1937. 
To take a Kirlian image, a person is placed on a photographic plate which is
electrically away from certain electrodes.  Then another electrode is
connected to the person.  An image is burned onto a photographic plate. 
Kirlian called the captured image the "life energy" of the object, also
known as the aura.  Scientists label this effect a corona discharge. 
Anything can be photographed—from an inanimate object to any living
species.  Even a location has energy and thus an aura.  If you are looking
at a piece of property, this is another way to analyze the energies
surrounding the place.

photography, both the techniques and equipment, have gone through many
development stages and upgrades over the years.  The AuraCam 6000 produces
colored pictures showing the person superimposed with brightly colored
clouds of light around them. To be photographed by an AuraCam picture, the
person sits and rests their hands on a galvanometer, and an electromagnetic
image results that includes the aura. 

a camera is not really needed in order to take a picture of an aura.  A
sheet of photographic film can be placed on a special metal plate.  Then,
the person or object can be placed on top of the film.  A high voltage
current is applied to the plate.  The electrical discharge between the
object and plate is captured on the film.  This is an excellent technique
for small objects, but for larger objects and geographic locations, a camera
is much more practical.

colors and textures in the Kirlian image or aura is interpreted by a
specialist such as a psychic, spiritualist or aura reader.  This can give
information about the subject's emotional, spiritual, and physical health. 
Mr. Kirlian believed that these images could predict physical and emotional
health and would enable easier diagnosis of possible illness. 

When it
comes to using any tool to forecast the future, caution is needed.  Surely
Kirlian photography can aid in getting more details about a subject. 
However, as a standalone technique I would never recommend it because there
is limited research in the area of Kirlian photography divination.  For
example, if a person was diagnosed with a specific health ailment, one
cannot go back and photograph the person. It would be too late.  However,
one can photograph the person and review the aura and start a file, taking a
photo at regular intervals to see if there are any changes in the aura. 
This type of research would need to be conducted with a number of people
over a fairly long span of time to achieve reliable results.

my person opinion, I believe Kirlian photography is a brilliant tool that
can be included in a
only on the

Kirlian image would be limited

for a psychic.

  I do like the idea of a person being able to take an image
of an aura

for a reading,
as it
helps the psychic give the client more details
that may be relevant to their current situation.

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Williams has worked for as a manager overlooking the talent department for a prominent new age communications company. Later as the internet developed, she diversified her recruitment specialty to server global clients for a internet based spiritual network.
She attained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and her BA from Hunter College.