When Kirsten Vangsness wanted to lose weight she researched and read about many different diets and exercise plans. The programs and books she read did not make it easy to lose weight.

Why didn't the kirsten vangsness weight loss programs make it easy? They promoted extremely low-calorie diets, diets that could have long term adverse side effects. In fact, they caused health problems in many of their participants.

Instead of taking people on a diet that did not allow their bodies to adapt to the new diet, a weight loss program should encourage the body to use its own fat as fuel for metabolism. By eating a variety of foods the body will produce more energy.

Kirsten Vangsness discovered the diet that did this. She wanted to start a weight loss program because she was tired of being overweight. This is when she learned about calorie cycling.

Eulogy by Kat Stoeber at 9 minutes. She became very familiar with the concept. To explain calorie cycling let's first take a look at a common diet we all consume every day.
To understand what calorie cycling is, you need to understand that green tea extract is a substance found in tea that has a natural ingredient called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).

This compound was shown to raise the metabolism of the body. So, to understand the cycles of the body, it's first important to understand what fuels it.

The body's energy needs are met by the fat stored within the body. When dieting, your body needs to burn the fat in order to obtain energy. Some of the foods you eat to supply the body with energy. However, when dieting, the body needs to create more energy by burning body fat.

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Calories consumed from carbohydrates provide energy that the body can use up quickly. When the body needs to use up those carbs for energy, the body turns to the fat that has been stored.

Metabolism is an active process that converts the food we eat into energy. The process is the same whether you are dieting or exercising.

The only difference is when you are dieting, your body is using the stored fat as it does when you are exercising. The body will not gain weight.

In most cases, the body burns fewer calories when you are dieting. The body is slower to break down the fat in the body. It is possible to lose fat even while dieting.
If you want to get off the scale and into good health, the weight loss program that makes it easy to lose weight is the kind you choose. The type of program you choose will depend on a number of factors including how healthy you are, your current level of activity and your current level of health. These are all important factors when choosing a kirsten vangsness weight loss program.

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