The business scenario is always uplifting its image by adopted new policies and techniques. The marketing sector is prone to enhancements in its strategies to make the process of buying and selling of products a more interactive process. The multi level marketing enterprise has begun strengthening its roots in the public sector as they adopt a mechanism called direct selling. This mechanism allows one on one transaction that eradicates the need of advertising mediums to enhance the promotion of brands and labels. Qnet is one of the few companies that has catered to the demands of the masses and reproduced a plan that enables them to indulge in a source of secondary income. MLM companies have begun to created means by which a person can conduct their individual business without interference of senior executives or higher authorities. Qnet has risen over the last 14 years and continues to flourish in absolute glory.

Companies like Qnet have the ability to produce a system that is strategic and systematic meant to fulfil the requirements of the public sector. The MLM enterprise follows a methodological scheme where an individual enrols himself and an independent representative and is hence provide with a Tracking Id. Along with an Id, he is given complete access into the company’s range of products and services that need to be sold to the prospect. The IR sells the company’s products to a client at a substantial rate to earn a reasonable commission in return. This kind of fluidity and transparency in business propaganda makes it a very viable choice for individuals who fulfil their dreams without compromising on their regular jobs. The MLM enterprise has become a global phenomenon and their headquarters have flourished in over 222 countries. With worldwide recognition and quality services, people have started adopting this to uplift their lifestyle.

Qnet experienced a downfall with the controversy that had gained prominence amongst the public. The attack was initiated by rival companies and disgruntled members in order to hamper the reputation of the MLM enterprise on the whole. It became such a spectacle that to curb its riveting continuity, investigations were started off. The truth came out and things became more controllable. As soon as the shadow of doubt was lifted the enterprise began its usual functioning in order to give their members the faith that all was not lost. To reclaim their public splendour once again, they left no stone unturned and tried restoring faith in the minds of the people.

Fluctuations in business functioning is a part and parcel of the system. With highs comes a few lows and once the concept of marketing was understood by the normal public, things started getting off on the track. Things restored as people overcame their hesitation and focussed on what the company had to offer on the whole. As the people have understood the modus operandi of this enterprise, the business functioning is slowly gaining its initial momentum.Qnet has paved its way back into the public sector with its strong business strategies and with a zeal that can move mountains.

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