A kiss should be not just for a sign of foreplay; it could be a way to express your passion, enthusiasm and devotion to your partner. It can certainly attract two people experience the charm of being with each other.

Why "French Kiss"? Charming, highly intimate and sexually stimulating, a lip-smacking great French kiss will certainly leave both of you breathless and swooning when it is done.

A French kiss is a superb way that you could express your reactions as well as the passions towards your partner in a non-verbal and gentle way although experiencing the moment to the maximum.

1.Great Breath and Teeth. Make sure you freshen up your breath and teeth.
2.Moist Lips. Make sure your lips are soft, so use a moisturizer to avoid them from turning out to be chapped.
3.The perfect way to start a French kiss is to look deep in her eyes - usually, it’s the way you gaze at her that makes her anticipate the kiss.
4.Set the mood. Unless you and your partner are both into public displays of affection or exhibitionism, kisses – especially first ones, should ideally be in private.
5.Be comfortable. Arrange your position to make you and your partner relax. Start by putting your arms around her.
6.Take your time. This isn’t a competition. This is a “slow and steady wins the race” activity.
7.Gentleness is the key to a good French kiss. Even if the kiss becomes aggresively, there should still be gentleness to your kiss.
8.Touch your partner. Don’t be afraid to begin the French kiss with some touching. You might caress your partner’s hair or face. To ramp up the kiss itself, you should also caress your partner during the kiss.
9.You can bring it to a more passionate level by sucking on your partner’s tongue, wrestling with it (as long as that activity is returned) and by teasing your partner by giving him or her some tongue and then withdrawing it.
10.Keep caressing your partner throughout the kiss. Use your hands to caress the face, the hair and the arms and back. You might gently pull your partner close to you while kissing.
11.It's important to make sure your head is tilted to the side so that your noses don't get in the way of each other's lips. Just before your mouth has reached your partner's mouth, open it slightly.
12.The skill of French kissing does not simply consist of knowing how to maneuver your tongue inside one’s mouth but it is the art of kissing with your entire mouth along with the help of other parts of your body.

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