What happened? Your kitchen used to be your domain. You were equal parts queen and sorceress, ruling benevolently over your kingdom and creating magical and tasty concoctions for your family. So where did all the magic go?

Perhaps your empire has slid into disarray and disorganization to the point where it takes you just as long to find what you need as it does to work your domestic magic. Rooting around in your kitchen every time you need to prepare a meal makes you feel less like royalty and more like a court jester.

Well, it’s time to take back your territory and restore it to its former glory! The battle begins with these amazing kitchen organizers.

There are dozens of products that can help you regain order in your kitchen. Simple items like a kitchen corner shelf can increase storage space on your countertop or in your cupboard. This multi-level shelf securely holds canned foods, spices, dishes, cookware, and many other items; and also keeps them out of the work areas of your kitchen.

Another innovative solution to help you organize your kitchen is a slide out pantry. This unique storage unit can fit into kitchen spaces as narrow as five inches wide, but its three levels of shelves utilize over 2900 cubic inches of storage space to hold boxes, jars, bottles, and other household containers.

If you feel that your kitchen kingdom is being invaded by an army of plastic containers and lids, fight back with a stack and store spinner organizer. This revolutionary system neatly stores small, medium, and large containers and lids (which are included with the product) on a rotating display rack that can be easily stored, transported and cleaned.

Door organizers can also be a great kitchen storage solution. An adjustable door rack, for example, can be either mounted to or hung over a pantry or closet door, and can help tidy up storage areas while allowing easy access to kitchen items. There’s even a door cleaning organizer with multiple pockets for various cleaning supplies and tools. It has storage compartments for mops, cleaning bottles, paper towels, sponges, and whatever else you need to keep your kitchen sparkling.

Now let’s turn our attention to your refrigerator. Even though you can’t do much about the size of the appliance, you can better utilize the space within and around it. A roll out caddy for the fridge provides easy access to condiments, sauces, dressings, and beverages. This bin is easily removable and dishwasher safe. Similarly, a fridge lazy Susan can rotate to allow you to easily reach what you need without knocking over other items in your refrigerator. And you mustn’t forget about the outside of your refrigerator. A magnetic fridge dish towel holder can hold your towels and clear up space around your sink area.

But the storage solutions don’t stop there. You can keep all of your plastic bags neat and tidy by using a plastic bag holder or an upright bag holder. These compact containers can fit in your cabinet or on a shelf, and each holds and easily dispenses dozens of plastic bags.

If you are committed to recycling, but are having trouble finding the necessary storage space, you can get a stackable recycling bin system. Each bin has a frontal opening for cans and plastic bottles, as well as a lid for larger recyclables. The space-saving (and odor-reducing) design allows each bin to fit neatly in a cabinet or under a counter — or they can stack on top of one another in a corner.

For regular trash, a 12 gallon touchless wastebasket helps keep your kitchen clean and safe. The lid on this product opens with just a wave of your hand across the infrared sensor (which is battery-operated), and automatically closes after several seconds. So you never have to touch the garbage can lid and risk exposure to germs or bacteria.

With these creative storage solutions, you can regain control of your kitchen and live happily ever after. Your kitchen will once again be transformed into a realm of peace, stability, and magic; and there will be much rejoicing in the land! Most importantly, you will be able to rule over your domain once again — instead of letting it rule you.

Whether you live alone, or you’re the master of the kitchen for a big family, organization is key. Maybe you’ve never had a prince put a glass slipper on your foot, but with these amazing products, you can still feel like a princess in your own kitchen — which is exactly what you deserve. Get started and whip your kitchen into perfect order today!

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